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10 Easy Hints to Stop Procrastinating

10 Easy Hints to Stop Procrastinating-1

Time-wasting is the bane of modern students. White collars, ‘nine-to-six’ office people and employees of all kinds tend to suffer from this shortcoming too.  Today we have many distractions, attention-diverts and other head-offs preventing from doing what matters – studying, scoring grades, working hard, sleeping and eating well.

In addition to distractions such as endless campus parties, love affairs and social media, stress and low motivating flowing from it are another factors preventing students from studying efficiently, erring on the side of procrastination. That’s bad for studies. Bad for a career. Unacceptable. Sometimes we’d love to stop time-wasting and drop a hammer on tasks at hand instead, but procrastinating holds us tight. Almost choking in a laziness grip. However, there are people who fight against not only procrastination but also various challenges on their way, for instance, Erik Peterson case. His example demonstrates the strong will to the goals you set. 

What to do? Here 10 tips to fight time-wasting back and get down to business on the spot.

Create a to-do list

Old-fashioned as it goes, creating to-do lists is still one of the best ways to smack procrastination in the face. Good old checkboxes help staying consistent, fulfilling all the tasks at hand in an orderly fashion. One by one, you’ll finalize all the tasks in the list and then set off to Netflix and chill. Plus, to-do lists help visualize goals, which makes them easier to put a finger on. 

Start with the hard stuff

Life is a road. When a roadblock takes place, remove all the big chunks of concrete and rocks to clean the path swiftly and move on with your journey. When we speak studying or working, same rule of thumb applies. Deal with big, major assignments first, when motivated and full of energy, then finish off your activities with tackling smaller, easier tasks and call it a productive day.

Tackle two-minute tasks

Sometimes you’re too tired to work on big agenda. But it doesn’t mean you should start killing time in the office for the rest of the day, so that a huge pile of unfinished business welcomes you tomorrow igniting mental pain and inner outcry. Instead of procrastinating, opt to do small, effortless tasks instead. Fewer duties in the stack tomorrow, more time to focus on big projects.  

Go berserk once a day

What is the time of day when you’re most focused and productive? Morning, noon, evening maybe? Make that time the period of your ‘working/studying frenzy’ when you huff-and-puff like a steam engine gorging on tasks one by one non-stop. Then have a coffee break and return to your standard working pace.  

Make breaks

Every hour or two there has to be a short 10-minute break. Take time to stretch your forearms and legs, also let your eyes rest a bit. Making short breaks during your working and studying hours most effectively prevents students as well as employees from burning out.

Get rid of distractions

When doing something, leave only those gadgets by your side and websites opened you need to cope with assignments at hand in a quality key. Checking on Twitter or Facebook every minute or so will not only increase time spent doing an assignment, it will also make you do it below par. So, no YouTube while writing an essay or drawing up a report.  

Don’t be a perfectionist

10 Easy Hints to Stop Procrastinating-2

Good is the enemy of great. Sometimes doing something first-class isn’t required. Sometimes doing something which is ‘good’ and generally ‘acceptable’ is needed atop of all. When time comes to do something ‘great,’ you’ll know and feel it with every fiber of your soul. Such tasks are hard to pass by.

Reward yourself

Every job has to be rewarded. Of course, at work your reward is featured in a paycheck, while in college a reward stands for fine grades and then as a well-earned degree, so we should talk rather lesser up-to-the-minute rewards such as a sweet muffin or delish burger, or coming home earlier, than grand rewards such as getting a Porsche (unless you’re a lawyer or a neurosurgeon).    

Tag a friend/partner/colleague

If can’t delegate a task, ask a peer to give you a hand. Two heads are better than one, and the task progress will gallop faster too. In case you have resources, hire freelancers to do the job for you. Although tagging a friend or subordinate is cheaper.

Focus on one task at a time

Is your second name Julius, Gaius, or Caesar? Then don’t flatter your skills and competence juggling a couple of tasks at a time. One day you’ll manage to deal with the workload in such masterful fashion, but nine times of ten you will miss all the deadlines and complete none of the tasks timely and consistently. Hence, finish off one task and then sit down to complete the next in the stack.

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