15 Greatest Anime of All Times

If you haven’t watched them, start now!

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Anime is often mistakenly called ‘Japan cartoons,’ which can make the true Anime lovers go wild. Let’s make it all clear from the very beginning. Anime are not cartoons. Anime is Japan animations; it is the artwork in the first place. The production method can vary from hand-drawing to computer animation. The essential characteristics of Anime are perfect storytelling, the high aesthetics of graphic art and individual techniques of each Anime author.

The art of Anime first appeared in 1917, and constantly continued its development. In early 1960’s Anime had its first success in Western countries. It all started from America, and afterward, the adaptations and translations of Anime flew into the European market. Nowadays each country has at least several adaptations of anime. The remarkable thing to note here is that professionals do not always translate anime. Loads of fans all over the world are learning Japanese language only for a reason for watching and translating Anime to their mother tongue. And they do it for free and absolutely voluntarily.

No matter whether you are a huge fan of anime or just a beginner who wanders around in a search for something exciting to watch, prepare to be astonished. We at StudentShare are big, big anime lovers, and we argued each position for hours to create a short list of best Anime ever. Note, it is not a rating from the first to fifteenth place. Each Anime is worth watching!

#1. Bleach


This is an unbelievable story about the seemingly ordinary fifteen-year-old Japanese boy, Ichigo Kurosaki. He studies in school, completes his assignments, lives with his dad, for he was left without the maternal care for eight years. Still, he has something special. He sees ghosts and talks to them his whole life, without knowing they are ghosts. One day he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper, and kicks the creature in the back, for it appeared right in the middle of his room. This is a start of a long and exciting story.

#2. Death Note



Imagine you get the opportunity to kill anybody you want without the need by only writing their name into the black notebook called “Death Note.” A perfect weapon, isn’t it? You don’t need to buy expensive guns or knives, no need to stalk your victim and plan everything for not being caught. What would you do? Whose name would you put in there?

A young Japanese high school student, Light Yagami, finds Death Note in the backyard of his school. Suddenly he comes up with an idealistic idea. He won’t merely deal with own enemies. He takes responsibility for the whole world and starts the new era, with no criminals in it.

#3. Mushishi


There is a belief about creatures beyond our material world. They differ entirely from any animal or plant we have on Earth. People were afraid of those creatures from the ancient times. And from those ancient times, the creatures were called Mushi. There are chosen people, who study and handle those creatures. The main character of the Mushishi anime, Ginko, has the supernatural powers, which allow him to see mushi and feel them. He wanders with no destination plan and helps each person in need.

#4. Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light


A story begins when a little 6-year-old girl Hotaru Takegawa gets lost in a forest full of yamagami, mountain spirits. There she meets a boy in a mask, called Gin, but she takes him for a forest spirit, who will vanish if only he ever touches the human body. With his help, she gets out of the forest, but she can never forget Gin and wants to meet him again.

15 Greatest Anime of All Times-2

#5. 5 Centimeters per Second


This touching and beautiful Anime covers more than ten years of a life of Takaki Tōno, the main character. It consists of three stories, which start in the middle of 1990’s in Japan. They say it takes only 5 seconds to fall in love with this artwork. We at StudentShare agree.

#6. The Garden of Words


A young man, Takao Akizuki, meets a mysterious woman. Their occasional meetings happen in the park, where Takao skips his school classes while working on his dream of creating and making shoes. Those meetings seem to mean nothing, but they keep happening again and again. Still, only in the bad, rainy days. The heroes hearts start to open, but it takes time. And the season of rains is almost over.

#7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


A seventeen-years-old Makoto Konno is not very good in studying, she’s always late and has no clue what to do when the school would be over. She spends her evenings playing baseball with her pals, each morning she gets on her bike and rushes to school. Suddenly her life is interrupted by a strange happening, and she gets an ability to move through time.

#8. Howl's Moving Castle


An evil witch turns an 18-years-old Sophie into an old woman. While searching for somebody to help her turn back to herself, Sophie meets a powerful wizard Howl and his demon Calcifer. Calcifer has to serve Howl under the secret commitment he has no right to disclose. Thus, the girl and the demon decide to help each other to vanish the evil magic.

#9. Your Name


This is a wonderful story about the guy from Tokyo, and a girl from a distant town, who suddenly find out a mysterious and unexplained way binds them. While sleeping, they change bodies and live each other’s lives. One day this ability vanishes as suddenly as appeared. The guy decides to find a girl, no matter what happens. But there is a question left. Will they be able to recognize each other in real life?

#10. Grave of the Fireflies


The last days of the Second World War. American aviation bombs defenseless Japanese cities. Within this everyday nightmare live a 14-years-old boy Seita and his younger sister Setsuko. They have suffered the most bitter loss, the loss of the loved ones and their house, thus they are left outside alone. A young boy suddenly has to become adult and take care of his sister, confronting the cruelty of the world.

They both are hiding in the abandoned hideout, and try to survive, relying only on their strength. Still, the cruel war does not spare even innocent children's souls.

#11. Princess Mononoke


A young prince Ashitaka kills a wild boar and attracts a deadly curse. The old enchantress foretells him; only he can change his fate. So, the brave warrior starts a dangerous trip. It brings him to the mysterious land, where people, under the command of evil mistress Eboshi fight the forest inhabitants: spirits, demons and monstrous creatures Ashitaka has never seen before.

The Princess Mononoke is on their side; she is the lady of beasts and a daughter of a she-wolf. Now the fate of everybody depends on Ashitaka’s choice.

#12. Spirited Away


Little Chihiro with her mom and dad are moving to the new house. They get lost in a way and find themselves in a strangely deserted town, where the suddenly come across a magnificent feast. Parents of Chihiro attack the food greedily and turn into pigs, being enchanted by an evil witch.

Now, brave little Chihiro is left alone among the magic creatures and mysterious visions. She has to find out how to save her parents from the evil magic and escape the frightening realm of ghosts.

#13. My Neighbor Totoro


Two little sisters, Satsuki and Mei, move to the village to be closer to their mom who is recovering from an illness. The younger sister, Mei, gets acquainted with the forest spirit, whom she calls Totoro. The forest spirit Totoro makes friends with the girls and arranges an aerial tour above his possessions. He also helps girls to visit their mom in a hospital.

#14. When Marnie Was There


A twelve-year-old Anna is an emotionally stunted unsociable girl, who has no friends. The only thing that helps her stand the loneliness is drawing. Due to the poor health, she is sent to a small town to spend summer. There she meets Marnie, a girl who lives in a large, rich house on the shallows. Soon they become good friends, and the story only begins.

#15. The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya



A beautiful story about the old couple, who has no children. The old man sells bamboo for the living. Once, when he’s in the forest, he finds a little girl of finger size, who turns out to be a princess named Kaguya.


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