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20 Types of Girls You Can Meet on Every College Campus

20 Types of Girls You Can Meet on Every College Campus-1

All girls have at least one thing in common – they all believe to be unique. However, when you are walking around college campuses, you will see that they have much more things in common. Actually, their belief to be the onliest wisps away at the moment you take a closer look.

Most girls are like other girls. No matter which college you pick, you will surely find girls that fit into a number of stereotypical categories. Most of them are easy to recognize, the others require a closer look to determine which type they fit in.

For more detailed information on types of women, view an awesome essay "Looking at women" by Scott Russell Sanders.

A girl who has a rebellious spirit

Maybe, she’s a rebel, or maybe she is just a creep. No matter what the case is, this girl is doing everything against her parents’ will. She gets sloshed with alcohol, makes another tattoo, dresses provocatively, and behaves like a crazy. This behavior can stay for a couple o, years or… oh well, forever.

A cuddle-bunny

Or the one who hooks up with everyone.

A goody-goody who never drinks or says the f-word

Source: via GIPHY

Actually, nobody really cares that she doesn’t drink or use the foul language. Nobody would even notice that, but she repeats it all the time.

A girl who has been dating the same guy since high school

She acts like a Minister of the Long Term Relationships Department of the Whole World and thinks that she knows everything about love and relationships. The worst thing is that she also gives her advice about love life to everybody.

A girl who is in a long-distance relationship

She has Skype dates with her darling and never stops texting him. They even fall asleep together on Skype. Well, this is kinda sweet, but only if you are not sharing a room with this girl.

An obsessed sorority girl

You can see her with her letters in a bag, lululemon, or a hiking jacket. Also, you will never see this girl somewhere on the campus without at least one of her spiritual sisters.

A sorority girl who doesn’t look like a sorority girl

She doesn’t wear clothes typical for sorority like yoga pants, North Face, or Patagonia. However, she is one of them.  Oops!

An “I’m so busy” girl 

Source: via GIPHY

You can see her rushing from class to library and return with a lock of papers and a pile of text books in her hands. She never has time for anything except studying and rushing here and there.

The girl who is nuts about working hard and getting straight A's

She puts her best efforts to do everything perfectly even if her major doesn’t give her hard times. You can see her in the library, on the extra classes, or shedding tears about a B she got on her paper.

A fatally spoiled girl

She has the latest iPhone in a gem-incrusted case and a brand new MacBook. Actually, they are always new, because her Daddy buys her another one every time she breaks or looses a previous.

A fitchick

She gets up at 6 AM to jog, swim in the pool, and lift weights. You can see her all in sweats even when she is in a class. Well, this is a lifestyle and cannot be helped.

A girl who really is blase

Most girls don’t stop saying that they don’t care what their surrounding thinks about them, but they actually do. But sometimes you meet someone who really means it. At the very least they wear old mismatched clothes and have no social aspirations.

A party girl

Source: via GIPHY

She sleeps a couple of hours a day and always has enough energy to go out every night. This looks impressive, but a little worrisome.

A hot mess

Most of her friends say that she is crazy but they love her. She drinks too much and ends up crying. Then she falls asleep during chemistry class. You can see her in a large hoodie and small shirts invisible under her oversized hoodie.

A girl who is concerned about a new social cause every week

Today she joins a demonstration for marijuana legalize, tomorrow she is marching against whaling industry or animal testing. You will easily recognize her thanks to her different promotional clothes and badges.

A girl who is more like a guy

She watches football, drinks beer, talks about sex with no embarrassment, and spends time in a company of guys where she naturally belongs.

A pretty high achiever

She’s got it – brains and beauty. And we have a winner!

A pretty non-achiever

Self-obsession and looks can get you too far, especially when you don’t really care about studying.

A girl who is in her phone all the time

20 Types of Girls You Can Meet on Every College Campus-2

Source: via GIPHY

She never lifts her eyes from her smartphone. Just watch her walking into the other side of the campus without even raising her head.

A hipster

She is a vegan, she wears huge round-shape sunglasses, and believes that the best sound is only on vinyl records. Her dream is to visit the Burning Man festival and meet a like-minded hipster-guy with a beard and old school tattoos.


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