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8 Best Resources to Support a Medical Marijuana Essay

8 Best Resources to Support a Medical Marijuana Essay

Marijuana is one of the most popular topics among students of all the possible programmes and institutions. This kind of success if not difficult to explain. People tend to be interested in anything that is forbidden since the ancient times. Should something be considered illegal, banned, out of the law, or out of the central tradition, it immediately starts to be unusual for society. Do not understand me wrong here. By interest, I mean all the discussions, which are raging on the topic of the forbidden issue. A significant amount of people usually speaks for the prohibition, and they’ll support the statement with a whole bunch of logical or crazy arguments. Also, there always would be a group of people, that won’t understand the actual reason of prohibition (or, in contrary, would clearly understand the cause, but won’t agree with it) and would fight against it.

We see nothing different with the Marijuana issue. This plant is famous due to its impact on people’s mental condition, and therefore, mainly, it is being banned in most countries of the world. Still, due to the investigations are done in relatively recent past, we also already know about the Medical use and helpfulness of Marijuana, particularly in the cases of pain relief.

So what we have nowadays is pretty much the expansion of this discourse, of people voting against the changes of consciousness due to many reasons. On the opposite, we have people arguing for the use of Marijuana in urgent medical conditions, for it is much more effective and less harmful than loads of pills patients have to take.

Thus, if you chose this kind of topic for your essay, you most probably would need loads of decent resources to support your thought and make it look serious and convincing. Luckily, we at StudentShare did it for you already. So, sit back for a while and enjoy the list of smart resources you can use to support your future essay.

#1. WebMD

The article “Medical Marijuana FAQ” was released almost two years ago, but is still among the top-rated materials on the topic. It would provide you with the essential understanding of the issue’s basics, by answering questions like ‘What is Medical Marijuana?’ ‘What is Medical Marijuana used for? ‘How does it help?’ and so on. Also, there you will find a full list of the states, where Marijuana was legalised and even the info on how one is supposed to take it. The article is easy to read, well-organised and gives an excellent first glance on the topic. Thus, we definitely recommend you to have a look.

#2. National Institute on Drug Abuse

This resource is in our list by no accident. Here you won’t only find a fascinating article ‘Marijuana as Medicine,’ but also you would be able to find the rarest and interesting facts, like ‘Health Effects of Specific Drugs,’ ‘Effects of Drug use’ and a decent amount of scientific data to support your future essays. The article on Marijuana explains that the plant itself is prohibited, but suddenly, the chemicals in it (cannabinoids) are permitted in FDA-approved medicines. An exciting topic to write about, right?

#3. Statista

We at StudentShare recommend using this website for the statistics. This recommendation works not for the Medical Marijuana essay solely. The site is treasure storage for practically every discipline and a bunch of topics and issues. So, next time you start writing your article, peek through this website and grab some stats! To get the idea of the statistics on Marijuana see ‘Medical marijuana in the U.S. - Statistics and Facts.’ It would give you a brief overview of the number of cannabis businesses, the average price of marijuana per gram and the list of states, where this plant got legal.

#4. Huffpost

This huge platform released an increasingly exciting material under the heading ‘Adventures in Medical Marijuana With My 80-Year-Old Mother.’ This article is not only a great example of storytelling, but also reveals the critical non-scientific, but practical issues. The writer tells about how she and her mother were visiting different institutions in the seek of the cannabidiol. Note, the article won’t speak for or against Marijuana usage, neither won’t it tell, whether the plant was helpful. Still, the journey described is fascinating, and you should check it out.

#5. Daily Star Journal

This is another massive platform on our list. They released material on Marijuana almost four years ago, but the story is so high, it stays popular till now. The article is presented under the heading ‘Medical marijuana: A personal story, a personal tragedy’ and tells of incredible life experience of Daryl Bertrand. After being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2003, he started taking a lot of narcotic painkillers, which eventually led to liver failure. Thus, he went on planting, growing and using Marijuana to help with pain. The story gets an unexpected turn when Daryl takes his broken computer to the service, and they find pictures of the marijuana plants and report the police. Stories like that can serve as an excellent example supporting your ideas.

#6. Time

Highly respected new magazine ‘Time’ published an insanely interesting article on, probably, one of the hottest topics inside the Marijuana issue. The article is called ‘Pot Kids’ and discusses the practice of using Marijuana in children's treatment. It is well known, that cannabis has a positive impact in the treatment of epileptic seizures, and loads of doctors agree on it. Still, in child's treatment, there is always a risk to put a kid in danger. Read more about it and consider this topic to be the heading of your future paper.

#7. Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery

Like many of the resources we listed here, this one would also be useful in your future studies. The platform stores a bunch of material on Drugs and Alcohol abuse and would be strong support in the arguments against the usage of those substances. ‘An argument against legalising Marijuana’ would provide you with many useful and powerful points to put into your essay. So, if your position is fighting against Marijuana, this material would be great to start your research.

#8. Live Science

Another huge media platform on our list. The article ‘Pediatricians Oppose Medical Marijuana, with Some Exceptions’ was published three years ago, but still can serve a great deal in your writing. This particular material discusses the opinions of leading pediatricians on the Marijuana usage. The main idea is that Marijuana should be banned due to significant health risks. If that is your point of view, go on and use this article as a background.

Bottom Line

Medical Marijuana has been one of the most popular topics among students for decades by now. It is hard to find something that wasn’t discussed under this issue. Still, the problem remains popular, and students all around the world do their best to find new approaches and ideas to uncover in their papers. If you decided to go with this topic, we hope our short list of the useful resources would be helpful in your writing journey.

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