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Best business to start for a college student

Best business to start for a college student

The time you spend in college is your perfect chance to gain essential practical knowledge and skills, which would be useful in your adult life. We are not talking only about the classes you take and papers you write, but about networking, creating connections and the attempts to start making money. It might seem a bit hard when you are young, as employers are usually looking for the experienced candidates. So, how can you start making money without any working experience?

Loads of students come to the idea of developing own business or startup. Especially, once they get inspired by all those celebrities’ life stories, where people while being students started something and ended up with huge success and powerful business. This idea usually lights up a desire to follow that path, but here comes another question. Which business can one start while being in college? It definitely should be something harmonized with the flexible schedule, something that won’t take too much time and would be exciting to do.

We at StudentShare celebrate this desire and have created a few hints for you to consider.

#1. Create own Service

It doesn’t necessarily has to be something huge from the very beginning. Start small, and watch it growing with the time. So, what we offer here is to start providing some small service and be of use for other people. What might that be? Something like cleaning service, babysitting, moving service or becoming a tutor in your field for children. All those small services have a high potential to grow into big business if you catch the right wave. If not, it still would bring you additional cash every week and a great experience you’d use later.

#2. Event Organizer/ Promoter

Perfect job for young and energetic people. If you know how to work with a big audience and have a general idea of how to entertain people, this would be a excellent way to release your potential and earn some money. How can you possibly start? There is nothing easier. Create first party or event as a volunteer. Make it great. This would be your promotion and the basis for advertising yourself in the nearest future. Also, it would bring loads of people together in one place, which is a ideal option for networking. Start step-by-step. Create flyers, online advertisement, and an announcement on campus. If the first happening you organized was great, people would spread the information and you’ll get your clients waiting in the line.

#3. Freelance and Outsource

Well, at the very beginning it would be more like a side job. Taking tasks, completing them and sending back to the employer. This kind of work covers loads of fields, starting from translation and copywriting and ending up with (web)design or coding. Here everything depends on your skills and interests. It is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable working experience and learn the field from the inside. The sooner you’ll get the hint of how it works, you can create a small organization who would complete the orders, while you’ll be in charge of the process. The things needed here are a strong feeling of responsibility, self-organisation and the ability to cooperate and coordinate other people. At the end of the day, your primary task would be finding order and transferring it from the customer to your freelancer and back. Gaining money with no struggle. Think about it.

#4. Start a Blog

Probably, we have to be more specific here, and mention, that it should be a niche blog, covering something you are passionate about. You must have heard, that once you get enough audience, small and big businesses start looking for your help with advertising their products. Apparently, you won’t do it for free. Also, this would be an excellent opportunity to start affiliate marketing, which practically is sending referrals or leads to other companies. The only issue here might be the blog itself. Well, try your best to find something unusual and something you are really interested in. Create great and relevant content. People will join you one by one if you stay persistent.

#5. Selling stuff online

The last but not the least opportunity for active students. All you need to start here is some stuff you can sell online. It can be anything, from handmade T-Shirts and Jewelry to old books or variety of collections. This small business will genuinely teach you how to find audience, how to sell and promote, and many other essential skills. All of this would be incredibly useful once you enter your adult life after college.

Final Thoughts

We have created five hints for you to start your business while being in college. Admittedly, they are not something genuine or special. Still, they might provide you with some extra cash. Moreover, once you start searching for opportunities, you’ll gain a lot of practical knowledge, skills, and characteristics, which would most definitely promote you after college. Isn’t that an excellent way for a peaceful transfer from being a student to becoming a pro?

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