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What Can Ordering an Essay Cost You?

Most of the modern students are outstanding slackers. Well, perhaps the one reading this right now prefers ordering from custom writing services instead of solving those creepy math and accounting problems all alone. Or instead of writing that senseless 20-page essay on Kant’s vision of “good will.” But has anyone ever thought about the consequences?

“Huh, the only thing I know about “good will” for sure is that it shouldn’t waste my time like those shitty papers do. Who cares how well will I arrange the events of World War II or compose that management case study? I’ll tell you one thing: you do. You just don’t realize the significance of education for your future life yet.

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C’mon, do you really think mom and dad will live forever and pay for all your whims? Got it wrong. Of course, I hope for the best for you and your parents.

But what about the statistics reflecting around 70% of all English-speaking students have tried custom writing services at least once? It is only 5-$10 per page.

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Modern students all possess PayPal or Payoneer cards to go shopping online. When you have a dog, PC, Xbox, cool bike, and favorite shoes, what else can you wish? Right – someone to help you with your homework and test preparation to have more free time to try those goodies. Cheap academic writing services offer fair pricing, money-back guarantee, quality papers and urgent accomplishment. Who wouldn’t?

You may wonder if this sort of writing services is legal. Well, ask yourself whether academic cheating at your exam is legal? The law does not forbid it. I would call academic instructions a part of morality and ethics rather than something related to legal issues. The custom writing services for students have a right to exist, and they are legalized. The question is whether you are dealing with a licensed business or underground. You can differ a credible source from the illicit by watching at its place at search engine’s results. Google’s top writing services for students include EssayBox, SameDay Essay, Get Custome Essay, Custom Essay UK, etc. All of these sites are time-tested, offering the top-quality professionals and money-back warranty. But watch out for scammers! Actually, you may define them quickly by the quality of the work done. In case you are not competent enough in this field, ask your “A” friends to have a look. But don’t worry – just think: if such service were really forbidden by the law, would there be so many of them?

Let’s put the question another way: isn’t it against the law for the student to order the paper from such websites? First of all, even if it is, the confidentiality policy forces these services to fear the law even more than you do. In a case of any confidentiality violence, you can sue the guilty website. They do not want to lose their revenue and authority, so they never play with the fire. Personally, I would recommend buying templates or samples or downloading free examples of different essays and research papers from sites like https://studentshare.org/ In this case, you are not breaking the school rules. You are writing from scratch using another work as an example.

With at least 90-95% of uniqueness (it depends on the requirements of your instructor), ay written work is considered your property. And you are allowed to use any sources unless you are sitting at the exam.

What Can Ordering an Essay Cost You?-1

To calm you down, we can say that purchasing essays or any other academic assignments online is a completely legal procedure throughout the world. It’s just that it is spread in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom, almost absent in countries of the Third World (they usually use American services), and are chaotically represented in Eastern Europe (in Russia, for instance, such services have physical locations and offices). But the system works the best in English-speaking parts of the world. No legal recourse will follow unless everything is clear with the payment and guarantees from the both sides. But the attitude to customers is rather loyal at such services. So, in 90% of the cases, customer wins as far as these services are at higher risk of losing a loyal customer than a writer. Note that some freelance writers are students just like you with no special skills or certificates as granted on the main page of some sites. Let’s talk about some unexpected outcomes you and the service might face.

You Are Paying for the Freelance Writing, Not the Full-Time Job

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There is nothing wrong with placing an order with private writing agency. It does not damage anyone physically. That is so simple. However, any ethical issues are on your conscience. Of course, unless you use those papers only as examples and still provide own words. The only thing you should be aware of is that hiring an individual doing freelance just for you is not that safe and reliable. He or she has more opportunities to trick you without being punished. You should realize no official contract is signed, so the person has no obligation. You can trust only the words. In a case of failure, nobody will refund your order.

So, it’s a risky kind of business: it’s better to spend 1 or 2 dollars more to get a really professional academic paper instead of losing both money and chance to earn the high grade.

But you can get lucky even with hiring a personal writer. Don’t forget to set the rules of the game through signing a contract specifying terms and payment agreements. As long as the essay is not stolen from the 3d party, you don’t have to worry.

Can It Be Entirely Illegal?

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There are a couple of exceptions from any rule. When you decide to sign a contract with a freelance individual, and then reject to pay or ignore the terms of the legal agreement, you may get into trouble. That works for every contract, but it is different from ordering papers online from the writing services.

In addition, you are not allowed to purchase stolen essays. In a case of our file sharing, we upload only those essays which students have kindly shared with us as contributors. But some writing services just use the works of other students without their acknowledgment. In the end, all parties suffer.

When you are discovered with a stolen essay, it will be considered a break of intellectual property (IP) law. It is equal to theft, so you will be punished for committing a middle-level crime. But if you prove that you had no idea the purchased paper was stolen, you will come clear from the water while the real thefts will be penalized. A service can be banned.

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