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She Made It with Online Education!

Still hesitating if you require any school teachers to pass your admission exams and succeed with higher education? One girl who was dying of attending school on a regular basis decided to do it on her own. Noisy classmates, routine assignments, and dull instructions made her sick and tired of school program. Despite she was about to graduate, she tried to get ready all alone. And it worked!

Alexandra Kos is that very special person who invested a bit of ambition and a leap of faith into her home-based self-medication.

She Made It with Online Education!-1

It all begun with the realization she is not able to gain high enough grades to pass her future admission exams. “Each day I was like playing an academic lottery and waiting with the bated breath for my results to be announced. However, I was not kind of “consistent” student”.

“The deal is that my asthma used to act as some barrier on the way to improving overall academic performance. Every wheezy morning simply degraded my attendance. And, as we know, credit hours gained is that type of index that influence the final grade heavily. The thing was that my place of learning was not able to accommodate children with specific needs like mine, but I was blaming myself for any failure all the time”.

Lagging behind in class makes one feel desperate. I thought of myself as a complete fool. Alexandra was scrolling through the Internet in search of some class information when she first faced the opportunity of self-education and development available online. Taking exams also appeared easier than ever. Online education she discovered offered a unique opportunity to pass any official examination as a private candidate. Young lady was absolutely intrigued by the ability to control the whole education process on her own. But, as far as she has already reached the graduate age of 16, she was hesitating for a while.

A so-called autodidacticism sometimes involves even more self-discipline than public schools. Another crucial factor while making a decision to take all in your hands is the endless curiosity and passion to knowledge. Alexandra was in rage after her numerous academic failures, so the only thong she was expecting was to prove her intelligence in front of her teachers and classmates. Fortunately, at least her parents treated her with full support.

The first stage is to start with few subjects you know the best. In our case, the girl picked Russian, English literature, and biology. By passing these particular courses, she gained enough confidence to go on. Her online papers became the backbone of her high school education. A lot of online video courses available at YouTube gave her the overall idea and helped to cope with all difficulties. Such tutorials as Crash Course work especially well. For instance, she turned for its tips while studying complicated biology topics like photosynthesis in the most memorable and entertaining manner.

She Made It with Online Education!-1


As for the languages, it comes far easier. All you have to do is to listen to native-speakers via TV and radio channels to improve grammar and enrich vocabulary.

Literature as a subject requires a plenty of efforts, especially regarding critical thinking. So, what Alexandra did was analyzing the suggested text just before reading the York Notes.

Of course, being all-time motivated is the key to passing any online course. Begin every day with a nutritious breakfast, read some fine manual. Calm down and take it easy – no nerves or stressful situations will help you. Prepare a full time-schedule not to miss a thing.

Even if you study only one class per day, you manage to cope with the whole material till the end of your online education. In addition, you receive a plenty of free time to relax and think it over.

Alexandra shares: “I decided to fast-track my three A-levels, which meant studying the AS and A2 levels (normally studied over two years) in one year. To speed up the process, I learned an AS topic and then the A2 equivalent, for example; reading chapter 1 of the AS textbook, then chapter 1 of the A2”.

By studying a single subject per day, but on a regular basis, you won’t even need revisions. Moreover, they may distract your attention. So, just keep your mind spotless. Type more essays and articles to visualize study material and memorize course materials.

Well, Alexandra is a great example of how it works at least with humanitarian disciplines. Two perfect A’s for English and Russian. The only problem left is biology, but now this girl is full of ambitions and faith in own affairs to re-take it.

“The process of learning this way is deeply personal. At times relying on my own judgment was tough. My parents always said there is no failure other than failing to try. In the end, I developed invaluable skills, self-awareness, and confidence. But most remarkably, as clichéd as this sounds, I fell in love with learning and am eager to continue studying with a newfound curiosity.”


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