Put Your Death Mask Off!


We have gathered the phrases of five world-known teen female celebrities. By answering these multiple-choice questions FAIRLY, you’ll get to know your true identity, the way you act without putting on any mask.

You can put your results down in the comments so that you can share with other guys and find new friends. Grown-ups, do not hesitate to join your younger colleagues by passing the test too. We are the youth gone wild!

Put Your Death Mask Off!-1

These words from well-known Wednesday 13 song suit almost every second girl nowadays. To attract guys, to earn higher grades, to please parents – girls get everything easier.

But what if you try to be yourself instead of pretending Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, or Selena Gomez?

Why do you think that someone else is better than you and worth copycatting? Copycat is a person who pretends being someone else and loses own identity. There is nothing worse, in fact.

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Falling in love with an image is not only about the poster with Ben Burns or Justin Bieber. You can become a role model for millions of girls and guys around the world too! Let’s find out why you are scared of being yourself when going outside.

Party Animal

Did your break up with your boyfriend? Making laugh of it instead of falling in tears? Have you just failed your last AP exam? Pretend that there is nothing to worry about? But how do you feel on your own? Falling in tears crying out loud? Well, that’s what we’re talking about.

Put Your Death Mask Off!-2

If you think that successful people do not have any problems, you’re wrong. Difficulties and barriers are those two factors which make us stronger. Having some troubles does not necessarily mean you’re not smart or good enough. You are just a human being, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Get Real!

Just like in the song by Tigertailz, try to find out what is so special about you.

Here are the phrases by famous teen celebrities. Choose one from each multiple choice to discover your unique attributes that make you stand out from the rest of your classmates, friends, and even foes. To stay at least a bit soft, accept the reality. Just like any E-commerce site, you need to be user-friendly to attract more customers (friends). Vice versa, it is not okay to miss any problems: trouble-free people do not usually experience any feelings or emotions. But those are the only things except the morality and family status that differ us from the rest of the mammals.

Be more patient to own problems, accept the reality, and SHARE your feelings and dreams with others.

Mother Teresa

Being holy is not the way to survive today. You have to be a bit rude and straightforward to get what you want, so do not act like an altruist – according to statistics, such behavior irritates people even more than compete selfishness as far as they do not trust people who pretend they are saint. That is why most of the popular main heroes annoy part of the audience, while villains get more sympathies (not only because they are portrayed by the pretty actors).

It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait. Just try to be sincere: don’t try to turn a bitch despite your past failures, but do not lose your pride, and, finally, solve your problems with the trust.

Put Your Death Mask Off!-3

Olympic Champion

You like boasting in front of your friends and especially guys (right, not only guys act as heroes in front of the pretty girls). You are fond of describing your small victories in details by adding colors: how you took over five guys at the same time, dated three boys at a time, earned cheerleader championship, etc. First, catch your hare! Sometimes, you get so confused, that you can’t even differ the reality from your endless imagination. As a rule, such people distract others rather than gain more friends and sympathy. It‘s just the same as being a nerd.

Value your real talents and skills. Avoid boasting too much. You can mention some of your achievements, but do not focus too much attention only on yourself, allow others to talk. Praise yourself in front of the mirror – your reflection will raise your level of confidence. Eliminate the complex which makes you act is a meaningful way. Finally, take it easy!

At last, pas this simple test to recognize own mistakes and start improving today! Instructions: pick only TWO phrases that fit you best from each of the suggested sets.


  • “I am not that sort of naïve girl.”
  • “It is hard to stay in the shadow. But I’m trying to do my best.”
  • “I always wanted to be like my friends. I have spoken to the blue-eyed blondes to be like them.”
  • “Yes, I make mistakes. I am just a human, after all. But I believe I do not have to speak about them in public to stay the best for the guys.”
  • “People like us cannot stay themselves and make mistakes. We’ll be blamed by the entire society immediately.”


  • “If you got lucky to born unlike everyone else, do not change!”
  • “I wouldn’t like to change the way people stop recognizing me.”
  • “I am very scared of being a big zero.”
  • “I realize my disadvantages far earlier than other people learn about them.”
  • “I have never felt like the coolest kid in da party. It was rather like this: “Smile to everyone, be cute with ‘em all no matter what happens.”


  • “I’m just a real girl.”
  • “I still feel like a freshman. Perhaps, it will always go this way.”
  • At the Oscar ceremony, I just kept silent thinking: “Oh, God, don’t let them pick me.” I simply had no idea what I should say.
  • I was really scared of giving interview because I thought I would fail. And all of a sudden I realized that there are some things which you don’t like to do; there is no right or wrong answer.
  • When I enter the “adult world”, I dress up elegantly and talk to serious people. But I try to get the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana sings.”


  • “I don’t even think of the possibility to fail.”
  • “I live by always persuading self.”
  • “There are some actresses who were made of something by somebody; there are self-made women like Madonna. I fit the second group.”
  • “Coming to Los Angeles is like visiting a dentist for the first time. But now I have a cool party life over here. I love opportunities.”
  • “Adolescents have to focus on own selves. And then we’re growing up and realize that there are other people around.


  • “It does not matter if they hate me – I don’t care. I just want respect for what I do.” 
  • “Let them say I’m a feminist if this word means the desire of a young woman to be whom she wants to be.”
  • “I shock people intentionally – to stay myself instead of promoting own music.”
  • “Amoral actions are not as amoral as they are believed to be, and they do not necessarily turn you bad. Just like visiting a church does not turn you a saint one.”
  • “There are moments in our life when you realize you don’t care about anyone’s opinion.”


Now, count the amount of each number from 1 through 5. Interpret the results by using the hints below:

“1” Dominates

Put Your Death Mask Off!-4

You wish to be a role model just like Selena Gomez.

+ You keep it on the level.

+ You try to be natural.

+ You care how you look and act.

- Your mask is almost perfect. You try to be ideal getting at yourself for any small mistake. But once you may turn sick of being “daddy’s little girl”. It may lead to turning a complete nightmare and gaining a dozen of enemies. Take it easy and accept that you are just a human.


“2” Dominates

Put Your Death Mask Off!-5

You try to stay original like Taylor Swift.

+ You don’t pay attention to others.

+ You accept all the challenges instead of hiding in the shell.

- Your mask does not reflect real you; it’s whom you wanna see when staring in the mirror.

You know what you want. You try to correspond to the image you’ve once created. Don’t behave like Miss Original. You are unique from the birth. It is not necessary to turn everything upside down.


“3” Dominates

Put Your Death Mask Off!-6

You act too shy just like Haylie Stanfield.

+ Snobbery is something unknown to you; you treat everyone equally.

+ You can hear and understand others.

+You respect another opinion.

- You mask is simply about nothing. You are eager even to turn yourself down to hide your true feelings. But it does not make any sense: sooner or later, this ice will melt. Accept the facts and let everyone else explore your true identity. Unless you try, you won’t ever learn how others perceive you.


Put Your Death Mask Off!-7

“4” Dominates

You have the eye of the tiger just like Jennifer Lawrence.

+ You are an Iron Man.

+ You are fearless like Katniss Everdeen.

- Your mask is too heavy! You can’t even breathe free – the mask does not allow you to. You are strong enough to move heaven and earth, but your mood is not always the same. Stop claiming impossible things from yourself. Accept your weaknesses and love the way you are.


“5” Dominates

Put Your Death Mask Off!-8

You hide your identity behind the epatage like Miley Cyrus.

+ You know how to impress

+ You believe in yourself.

+ Your presence only is enough to improve the moods around.

- Your mask is too vivid – one can hardly see you real. It’s just like a screaming dress that makes your body look perfect: but your natural beauty stays behind. Look on it from the other side: why the hell you need all that camouflage and monkey face? Being special is about being yourself!

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