Graduate School Admission Exams

The Graduate Record Examination (a.k.a. GRE) is a generally accepted graduate test to evaluate the skills students have earned during the entire educational process. It’s about measuring academic performance as the whole. The test covers almost all subjects. Despite its level and simplicity, the test gains more popularity thanks to the fact the majority of business schools today accept its results. Earlier, it was relevant only to non-business institutions. Still, it is important to check the requirements of the school of your choice.

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As for the grading policies, a student has to earn no less than 130 points (170 is the upper limit) to pass his GRE.

The analytic writing section is the number one challenge for most of the graduates; the scores here variate from 0.0 to 6.0. That’s not all. Candidates also have to perform their knowledge of verbal communications and math. Usually, only half of the examination is computer-adaptive. So, those students who got used to completing all academic assignments on their PCs might experience some difficulties. Thus, it’s a good idea to practice writing before entering the test. Also, do some multiple-choice assignments in the core classes. The Second section is dependant on the first one, so keep in mind what you’ve accomplished in the first part. The good news is that an essay can be done on the computer.

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Analytic Writing

Two essays, half an hour each

The writing part of the GRE measures analytical judgment and organization. The two papers include an issue and argumentative essay. There are no correct or wrong responds to their topics. Both assignments will be reviewed and graded by two (perhaps, three) officers. For additional information about this part, and for writing hints, go to the essay tutorial section of any GRE or StudentShare site.


10 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

Two sections each with 20 questions, 30 minutes for each section

Each part involves a combination of reading comprehension task, text completion, and sentence equivalence issues. Reading comprehension questions may be in the shape of one extended answer, multiple-choices, or passage selection; text completion has either one, two or three blanks. For more information on each of these question types, please see any GRE or StudentShare.org site.

Quantitative Reasoning

Two sections each with 20 questions, 35 minutes for each section

Every quantitative reasoning stage (a.k.a. "Math GRE section") contains a mix of multiple-choice, deep analytical, and user-generated questions. For more information about the quantitative reasoning questions, proceed to any GRE or StudentShare site.

Unscored Section*

A bonus experimental section that will either be presented as math or verbal section. You will know if you were given a math or verbal experimental section because you will have 2 of those sections during the test, but who knows which of them will be experimental. Don’t worry: this section does not count toward your score: it is applied by ETS to test new questions for future exams.

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GMAT test is an individual graduate management school exam. GMAT exam is exactly what future business leaders need. It is considered a top way to shine a light on your skills. It is a ticket to 6,000+ business educational institutions. It was proved by the world's leading marketing and management professional that GMAT is the most efficient tool for measuring one’s competence in this area. Moreover, this exam is capable of predicting further student’s academic and career path.

A student will face four challenges. Those are analytical writing (prepare to provide some good reasoning), quantitative reasoning (it’s about numbers as evidence), integrated (evaluating information from different resources), and verbal reasoning. The test is evaluated in percentiles.

Every candidate has a chance of receiving 200 up to 800 score. As for the stages concerning Verbal and Quantitative tasks, scores vary from 0 to 60. The deadlines are strict; only those tasks you’ll manage to do during the allocated time will be graded. Even though the test is related to business, the candidates still have to remain creative. They have to prove it by accomplishing The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). Its score is based on the randomly chosen argumentative essay. This task is scored twice by two different officers, and then the average score is drawn. Scores for this part range from 0 to 6 in half-point intervals. Mind your structural and linguistic styles. As for the Integrated Reasoning (IR), its scores vary from 1 to 8 in single-digit intervals.

Warning: this section is a tricky one because more than one response may be correct.

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Analytical Writing - Single Topic - Analysis of Argument - Half an hour 

Integrated Reasoning - 12 Questions - Multi-Source Reasoning - Graphics Interpretation - Two-Part Analysis - Table Analysis - Half an hour

Quantitative - 37 Questions - Data Sufficiency - Problem Solving - 75 Minutes

Verbal - 41 Questions - Reading Comprehension - Critical Reasoning - Sentence Correction - 75 Minutes

Total Exam Time 

3,5 hours

Graduate School Admission Exams-5

While other graduate tests are focused on what you have learned, Advanced Placement (a.k.a. AP) exams cover student’s achievements (various accomplishments, projects, personal researches, dissertations, etc.) These cases are important to highlight for the targeted higher educational institutions. But don’t underestimate the significance of the entire course content: repeat at least the basic concepts before the exam date.

This place exam is graded on a 1-5 point scale. It is convenient that a student may input the names of the desired colleges and universities so that the final report can be sent directly to their commissions. An absolute failing grade is 1. However, there is also a pretty small chance of enrolling with 2 out of 5. 3 (“qualified”) and higher means you’ve mastered the course or at least its basics. The equivalent of the passing grade is 60%.

On the whole, based on the academic subject, all candidates face the following stages: multiple-choice questions (which are pretty easy), free-response papers (reflection essays or open-ended questions, awaiting the results (which are represented by the combination of both section’s scores). Then the obtained score is interpreted via 5 point scale. The goal is to show the performance of a particular class stays the same or improves instead of going down. Every student is offered a range of 36 subjects to choose.

The majority of U.S. schools, today take part in AP Program. It means that the results are accepted by most of the higher educational institutions. So, it’s a good opportunity to show up for just about $90 fee.

The exam is approximately three hours and 15 minutes long and has two parts — multiple choice and free response. Each section is worth 50% of the final exam grade.

AP Sections  -  # of Questions  -  Time Limit

Section I (Multiple-Choice) - 45 - 105 minutes 

Part A - 28 - An hour (without calculator)

Part B - 17 - 50 minutes

Section II (Free-Response) - Six problems - 1,5 hour 

Part A - Two problems - Half an hour

Part B - Four problems - An hour

Graduate School Admission Exams-6

A Medical College Admission Test (a.k.a. MCAT) was developed especially for all health-oriented students like potential registered nurses, physician’s assistants, surgeons, etc. It’s an entirely digitized standardized test. This examination covered such issues as advanced and transformed health care systems. MCAT is a completely multiple-choice assignment, so there is no need to worry. But some questions may be rather tricky. After all, this type of exam strives to value students as the professionals. As for the questions, they are all related to the skills and techniques doctors should know to operate as efficiently as possible.

Graduate School Admission Exams-7MCAT is relevant only for medical schools and faculties. You have to do your best in biology, IT, physics, communication, chemistry, psychology, and sociology. In 2015, the rules were changed significantly. Since now, MCAT score scale looks different. Total scores are centered 500. 472 and 528 respectively are the lower and upper limits. There are few individual sections that are evaluated 132 maximum (118 is the lower limit). This time the centers of the scale benchmarks. So, if the applicant scores at least 50%, he has good chances of doing well in his further education. For all those students who are in a good mood with their statistics class, it will make no difficulty to get acquainted with the new grading policy. Percentile will help to interpret the results.

Along with candidate's CV, reports, interviews, transcripts, and application letters, MCAT report can be attached to a package of necessary documents. Be prepared for four fundamental sections: psychological, social, and biological foundations of behavior; biological and biochemical foundations of the living systems; critical analysis and reasoning skills; and chemical and physical foundations of biological systems.

Section’s Name   -  # of Questions  -  Time Allocated

Examinee Agreement  - 8 minutes

Tutorial (based on your wish) - 10 minutes

Chemical and physical foundations of biological systems - 59 - Hour and a half

Break II - 10 minutes

Critical analysis and reasoning skills - 53 - Hour and a half

Mid-exam break - Half an hour

Biological and biochemical foundations of the living systems - 59 - Hour and a half

Break III - 10 minutes

Psychological, social, and biological foundations of behavior - 59 - Hour and a half

Void question - Five minutes

Satisfaction Survey - Five minutes

Total content time - 6 hours

Total seated time - About 7 hours and a half

Law School Admission Test (a.k.a. LSAT) examines participants law skills and endurance. It’s an integral part for enrolling into some juridical program. It checks verbal nd reading related knowledge. The test as well as the subject deals with both Constitutional and Business Law. A student interested in this field can select just law-oriented faculty or entire business program with a list of legal classes.

Perhaps, this is the shortest test of all proficiency graduate exams: LSAT lasts only for half an hour. Moreover, it consists of multiple-choice questions only. But be aware: they might be very tricky and controversial just as the subject is. There is no secret law is a complicated class despite it does not deal with large numbers, calculations, and formulas. But the laws are hard to memorize. And it is hard to determine the case. Most of the questions will be covering some legal matters which you’ll have to solve picking only one letter.

Each candidate receives a writing sample. This paper is the one you can send to any chosen educational institution as an attachment to the basic application documents. Reading, analytical reasoning, and, what is more important, logical reasoning are the three components of LSAT graduate test. But even the reading task is a complex challenge.

LSAT score ranges from 120-180 points. The score is also interpreted via percentile system. It takes about three weeks, as a rule, to check the test. The results are usually sent back in the e-mail. TelScore is another excellent tool to learn about your success. It costs only $10. Mind that you can simply deny obtaining score in case you feel like failing. After taking the test several times, the total score will be averaged. In fact, there are usually only 2 valid reasons to cancel your score: Test day factors affected your experience, or you were inadequately prepared.

Section - Time - Format

Logical Reasoning I - 35 min - 24-26 questions

Logic Games - 35 min - 22-24 questions

Reading Comprehension - 35 min - 26-28 questions

Experimental Section - 35 min - 22-28 questions

Writing Sample - 35 min - 1 essay




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