Get Ready for This: AP Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are gaining more and more popularity by replacing most of the other admission tests. Well, at least in several American academies like St. Johnsbury’s. Get ready for this by following our guidelines!

We made a tiny mistake: AP exam is rather a form of graduation exam, but it influences student’s further application process heavily. You will take it easy after recognizing AP exams as an excellent tool to perform your talents and goals rather than an obligation. As most of the final exams, AP tests also follow in Spring semesters. Something around 20th of May, each student receives an opportunity to show what’s his gained skills are worth of. The exams are all standardized. Almost all today’s American academies and colleges require AP tests high scores before making a final decision on every applicant.

AP exams are more like high school regular tests, but the level of skills performed by the student has to be higher.

These exams are aimed to check if the absorption of new knowledge ended up with a good result.

Get Ready for This: AP Exams-1

The student does not have to talk about himself or demonstrate personal skills – essentially, all AP tests were developed just to verify the general perception of the studied material. So, everyone’s out of a sleepy hollow during biology or maths classes will be able to cope with this challenge.

The credit you gain per each exam defines your future field of interest. By passing a range of AP tests, a student is able to find out his true calling. Each exam is worth 90USD, but it saves you a plenty of time and financials. 36 AP exams exist with respect to the number of basic subjects. It doesn’t mean one student has to pass all. The attention needs to be paid to all the profile subjects first and for most.

As most of the exams, AP tests consist of two parts: multiple-choice and free-response questions. It’s hard to tell which part is more complicated for sure as far as multiple choice section is more precise and too much academic, while the second allows a more creative approach as well as broader skills on the particular issue.

The grades you earn per each AP course are equivalent to the corresponding college level courses. So, it means that receiving 4 or 5 on your English Language AP test describes you as a real expert in that area ready for further activity in the field of linguistics. As for the grading policy, it looks like this:

The scores of 5 = grades of A+ and A in the college system.

Exam scores of 4 = A-, B+, and B in college.

Scores of 3 stand for B-, C+, and C.

I think there is no need to talk about D and F – what for should we put a damper on your spirits?

Get Ready for This: AP Exams-2


Let’s get acquainted with what to bring for your exam:

Several well-sharpened pencils with erasers and a couple of black or blue ink pens for free-responses questions (multiple-choice answers may be fixed with the help of eraser);

Responses on your multiple-choice answer sheet. (only for foreign students unable to come and pass in person);

Your 6-digit school ID. Stay-at-home students are all provided with their state’s or country’s home-school code (privacy policy is strictly obeyed);

A watch with no beeping function (not all of the premises are equipped with a clock or time-table); 

Up to two calculators for your AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics Exams (you won’t be allowed to use mobile or other digital advices to calculate a thing);

A ruler or straightedge suits classes like AP Physics, Maths, Statistics;

AP Student Pack with a small photo;

Social security number (for U.S. citizens only);

Student’s Accommodation Letter (it will only add up to disposable kids).


Get Ready for This: AP Exams-3


AP exam is no laughing matter, so even such instructions as circling (not underlining, not crossing out or elsewhere) the correct answers in the first part have to be followed. Any rule break – and you will lose. Remember that Professor McGonagall’s phrase in the first “Potter”? You won’t receive or lose points for incorrect answers or unanswered questions in this part.

Answers for the free-response section must be written in the Section 2 of the booklet. Don’t confuse the answer sheet with the instructions one. There are three types of this part: an essay, problem solution, and a spoken response.

 Get Ready for This: AP Exams-4

However, the last one is rarely met as far as it is the prerogative of Eastern Europe’s educational system.

You may not fear the exam in terms of time. There are some deadlines, but every student is allowed to contact principal for some extra time in case he is not coping with the tasks. The points may be reduced. As a rule, AP exam lasts for two to three hours.

Interesting to know: such AP exams as Chinese and Japanese Language along with Culture Exams are CD-based and taken on the computer. So, you will need some basic computer science knowledge to handle it.


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