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Find Out How to Earn Money in Summer!

It may be hard to combine education with work, but you can always catch up with your more wealthy friends by finding a summertime job. You can select a seasonal or part-time job – just mind that the second option requires more time and nerves. Besides, it can distract you from studying.

The good thing is that you don’t need any special skills or solid experience when applying for most of the seasonal jobs. You just have to be healthy and willing to work. Almost everyone can learn quickly how to cook fast meals, take care of a child, mix cocktails, or clean a pool, right? So, what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it great to feel free and financially independent from your parents? Isn’t it great to buy whatever you want without counting your money convulsively after every small purchase?

The article is a short guide for all those who demand some money and have no opportunity to ask their parents for financial help. It is also useful for the students who wish to taste a grown-up life instead of wasting the entire summer in parties. Here are the Top-10 preferred positions for the high school and college students.

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Bring It On with Tutoring

Our top position is especially valuable for the smartest students (don’t treat them as nerds if they simply like to absorb new knowledge). We have a brilliant idea of how to extend your education unobtrusively. Of course, no one wants to study during their vacation. But what if you mix your learning process with the summer job? What if this process earns you enough per living? You don’t necessarily have to be the smartest guy in the school: it’s sufficient to possess some knowledge in at least one of the academic subjects. You can pick English to teach it to some foreign students. Expats need both practice with their language skills and raised cultural awareness. So, as a citizen of your country, you can provide such students with both.

Beginners can count on wages that vary around $15-17 per hour. In case you have a degree by this time (the higher – the better), you deserve an advanced payment that can reach up to $50 per hour. Taking into account you won’t most probably have only one student and one class per week, you can guess how much you can earn. Besides, think of your own progress. It’s a great opportunity to train your brains and re-fresh own memory.


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Exclusive Seasonal Jobs

It may happen so that you simply do not have any passion to tutoring and pedagogy at all. You don’t have to cut your own throat – just find the one you feel comfortable with. There is a range of internship programs. You can travel abroad to have a good vacation and earn money for handling some exclusive summer jobs like ice-cream maker and seller. That’s pretty easy, and, as a rule, young boys and girls get paid higher for doing simple tasks at the top resorts around the world. In addition, the local personnel is treated with generous tips and respect. Of course, if you behave in accordance with all rules and follow hygiene norms.

Ice-cream makers working for some hospitality companies can get $12-13 per hour.

Career-Oriented Internships

This point is for all those seriously oriented guys who know what they want for sure. There is no reason for wasting your precious time as a waiter or dancer if you are sure in your management-related future. You may choose to begin with senior manager or sales manager assistant position to learn fro the more experienced staff first. It takes about 3 months for most of the young employees to catch up with the rest of the workers and show first positive results.

After all, this experience will help you to decide whether this particular field suits you fine. Be ready that you won’t receive as much as full-time specialists, but it will be still enough for your summer whim. Make sure you ask your employer for the feedback and include him or her in the list of your referrals later. In order to find the position that suits you best, you may contact your instructor or The School Board – they always help their students to find the place.

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Cinema Co-Worker

Working in a movie theatre offers several benefits at a time: you can watch any released movie for free (but get ready that you will have to do it several times), you can invite your friend or partner to join you for free, and, of course, earn good money. We won’t promise the moon: as it was reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wages for all cinema workers (roughly 125,000) was $10.75 per hour or $22,370 per year. But it was in 2011, so it’s getting higher now. Perhaps, no less than the ice-cream maker on the resort (see above).

Motion picture workers can perform all kinds of jobs, from checking tickets, to serving popcorn, to ushering patrons; the biggest perk is that most theaters let their employees see the movies for free or at a reduced cost.

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Pool Cleaner

It may sound less attractive than the rest of the positions mentioned in this list, but you will quickly learn the basics. The job is very easy, but be prepared to face challenges like how summer burn and tourists swimming around while you are working like a dog. Anyway, you can swim after the job for free (including the water attractions if any), enjoy at least one free meal, all-time beverages, and a modest payment which will serve your summer needs in full.

Getting solid references is key to making this a successful summer job, as that’s how you will fill up your roster with enough clients to keep you busy until school starts. Sometimes the position is called a swimming pool and SPA technician. Working at some 5-star resort guarantees higher salary, but requires a bit of experience. Simply Hired says these guys make around $22,000 on the average.

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This one requires a minimum of time, but a plenty of nerves. It’s hard to find a common speech with a little kid, especially when you are a youngster. However, more gaming and fun is a critical success factor of interaction with small children. Choose this position only if you REALLY LOVE kids. Otherwise, you will not only stay without a penny but be penalized.

Some close friends of mine with a couple of young same-sex children are willing to pay their babysitter $15 per hour – that’s not a bad pay rate for a part-time summer job. Frankly speaking, it has a lot to do with tutoring, so you may simply combine these two jobs.

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Mobile Automobile Detailer

Now this sounds a tricky one. In fact, washing a car was always in hot demand. In case you are a pretty girl having nothing to do in summer, this offer is just for you. Don’t think of anything vulgar, but the fact remains the less cloth you put on, the higher tips you get from the automobile clients. In general, we highly recommend just any sort of job with the perspective tips or social benefits. Vehicles get extremely dirty during the summertime madness – so why don’t you give it a try?

Anyway, being a detailer involves something more than washing the car and pouring foam.

Other responsibilities imply driving to final destinations, working with chemicals and cleaners, and, most importantly, understanding that a customer trusts you to take care of their prized vehicle. That’s not a duty to take lightly, and being a car expert is a clue in case you want to succeed as a mobile detailer. The wages vary from $11 per hour.

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Delivery Worker

Business people are all pretty busy to go and take their orders in person. With the growth of E-commerce, more and more orders are placed online from different states and countries. It means that a delivery is a rapidly expanding branch which requires some additional personnel. From newspaper delivery person to courier, you might think of this opportunity if you can survive the heat easily.

After all, there is no need to worry about your transportation costs – the companies usually pay for that, so you may ride for free even outside the work. $12.50 per hour is not that bad taking into account fewer transportation expenditures.


Summer is the period when housekeepers fulfill repair (renovation) and up-grade projects. Dealing with design and repair stuff may guarantee you decent money. It can be things like lawn mowing, painting fences, or laying new walkways. Getting hired for such sort of summer work requires only one attribute: a tough, physical resistance.

By charging $10 to $15 per hour, you can make more than minimum wage while setting your own hours for the summer.

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Pet-Sitter and Walker

Do you love kittens, pretty little puppies, and other “mi-mi-mi” cutie stuff? Summer is vacation season. That’s why a lot of people hit the road to their targeted location during these three months. But what about their poor doomed pets? They cannot survive alone, and taking them abroad requires passing a lot of barriers. It’s a good chance for you to step in by offering your help. Taking care of the animals that have to stay home is a crucial duty. You would be entrusted to watch over the pets as if they were your own. The payment is $8+ per hour.

Mind that experience with dogs, cats, and other domestic animals is vital, along with any references you can garner from family and friends.








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