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Earn $160,000 Automatically by Joining Law Program

Harvard Law School students “are doomed” to gain at least $160,000 salary by investing into their higher education. All large firms reported paying that sum of money to their corporate lawyers. According to a new survey conducted by the National Association for Law Placement, 39% of large, prestigious companies (700+ lawyers working for each) announced these average salary expectations for 2015.

This is considered an uppermost level. In comparison, it was 12% less in 2014. Acquisitions and mergers, however, worsened this index after 2009. Anyway, both the payment and respect lawyers receive are worthy of becoming one in a row. I believe there is a good reason/motivation to study law and business law harder.

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So, what are the top law schools in the English-speaking society?

  • Yale with $56,200 annual fee
  • Harvard with $55,842 charge
  • Stanford, which made it $54,366
  • Columbia only ranked number four, but the fee is higher here: $60,274
  • The university of Chicago offers annual program at $55,503

These statistics were kindly provided by U.S. News. The primary admission exam is known as LSAT (Law School Admission Test). This standardized test takes almost half a day. It is focused on the applicant’s reading comprehension, logical thinking, and verbal reasoning. In other words, everything a true lawyer needs. United States, Australia, and Canada were the three countries to develop LSAT and its standards. The majority of tasks cover only common law, so there is nothing too difficult for those students who did well in high school law classes. However, the test involves a lot of contradictory case studies which may be complicated to solve.

But there is no need to give up in case of first-time failure: any candidate can take the test more than 3 times within a two-year period.

Since 1948, it is an effective tool to evaluate potential law students aside from GPA. Basically, an applicant only has to cope with 4 multiple-choice sections with a plenty of tricky questions or more than one possible answer. An unscored experimental section is a more complex thing: that’s where your logical and cognitive thinking skills step in. Finally, an unscored writing section is the longest, but not the hardest one. The test costs around $170.

Earn $160,000 Automatically by Joining Law Program-2

How should you prepare for your law test? This is a hard-level test with three months named to get ready. Make sure you study all course materials and additional sources all semester long. Review all notes at the end of each week and do not ignore requested readings. Law professors love to talk about seeing the forest for the trees; at this point, you should focus on those trees, the main concepts your professor is covering. Become a member of some study group – it might also be useful. Discuss assignments and past lectures with your mates or students of other educational institutions. Do it on the social network pages, forums, specially developed educational sites, whatever. If your professor uses the Socratic Method, you will definitely impress him or her with such efforts and invested time.

Grasp the materials by writing a clear outline. Prepare the outline based on the syllabus or casebook's table of contents.

Fill in blanks with the information from your personal notes. A good option is searching for previous tests. You may get them from the elderly students or the official FaceBook university’s group, for instance. Even if your professor is one of those who changes the entire exam every semester, you will at least have a clue of how the structure might look like and what will be highlighted. The review even own past exams to pay attention to your mistakes – avoid them this time.

What You Need:

  • Casebook
  • Notes
  • Outline
  • Time

You may also wonder what the biggest legal markets recommended for young lawyers are. Well, you won’t slip up by joining Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or Washington local Law Schools. They will all pay no less than $160,000 annually with further perspectives. For NY, however, $160,000 is a common start-up. Just about 60% of the biggest companies with offices in LA and Washington said they paid the top amount now.

The problem is that many students consider the law a boring discipline which deals only with memorizing tons of regulations, acts, constitution, and other “mess”. By saying “mess,” I mean that in most life cases there is always an opportunity to look up for any law for details without knowing everything by heart. In fact, this core subject allows undergraduates learn a lot about the nature of human being and our life. It covers various aspects of psychology, history, sociology, ethics, and more. So, the law is not that kind of narrow subject as mathematical sciences are. Law as an academic subject also helps with developing abstract thinking and practical problem-solving, while many other courses are focused only on one of those. Gaining a degree in law does not necessarily mean the student is condemned to turn a lawyer; there is also an excellent chance of becoming a professional producer, politician, manager, journalist, police officer, and more.

The good news is that there is no need to waste three to five years on obtaining a diploma in law.

This period can be shortened to a single year by selecting a conversion course to Law.

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