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Don't Know How to Keep Your Pants on while Cheating?


Many students today are as heavily addicted to cheating as junkies are to drugs. But how comes that some lame ducks get caught within the first couple of minutes while the lucky ones tend to survive up to the end? If you are still searching for the best ways to cheat on the exams, you are in the right place!

I mean, this article can figure it out for you. Read the instructions carefully and choose your own way to stay invisible.

Basically, there are twelve techniques that work with 90% of the instructors (or admission officers).

Dont Know How to Keep Your Pants on while Cheating?-1

Method #1. Forced to the wall. Take a textbook or any other class-related material and hide it just before the exam in the WC. Of course, many teachers are opposed to the fact that disciples are all living creatures with corresponding needs. But they cannot forbid going out during the exam. It’s all about human rights. So, don’t be afraid this tip won’t work. Try to meet instructor halfway by persuading him you are not able to take it anymore. Then, run to the coveted wardrobe room, open the manual, read it and create an answer sheet. After answering the nature's call, return to the lecture hall (audience, classroom). Don’t waste too much time on that – otherwise, your teacher will get suspicious.

Tiny pieces of paper hidden ahead in the desk or the floor also belong to this category. “The dropped pen” principle always worked. And it’s always up-to-date.

Method #2. Female queer birds. Girls have a lot of stuff which can help to bring and hide cribs easily. We can attach one to the clip, put into the hair or on the inner side of the wide massive wristband, hide under the rubber of our band stockings, read from the knees, hide in a shoe, twist the response into a tube, put in a pen with fluff, stick cribs tape to the sole, put spurs in the shape of spa manicure. On the whole, it’s up to you to decide, girl!

Dont Know How to Keep Your Pants on while Cheating?-2

Method #3. Big guns. We are not talking about Skid Row or AC/DC track. It’s another student’s top technique to hit the targeted score. The “written bombs” work only in case you know the questions (knowing their approximate order is a solid advantage). All you have to do is to write the answers while staying at home on the few separate sheets of paper. Carry the self-made "bomb" into the class quietly. When the teacher is not staring in your direction, give it a try.

Method #4. A progressive one. Print the cheat sheets one by one. First, print them out applying size 4 of the font. Cut these papers down into the small squares so that they all fit in a pocket. Number each. Extract the needed cheat sheet during the exam and put under the page of exam paper to copy.

Method #5. Encoding or “Invisible Man”. One way to achieve the goal is to involve draft with all answers written in invisible ink. Pens with such ink are sold in any office supply store. The writings can be seen with the help of special little purple flashlight that is installed into the cap. You can also squeeze responses with the help of your rod handles. They will be visible only under certain light angle: you see the solution, and the teacher does not.

Method #6: Teamwork. A collective system of cheating on the exam is a classical one. By turn, the guys distract the teacher by asking questions endlessly or debating, while others writeoff; then students switch their roles.

Dont Know How to Keep Your Pants on while Cheating?-1

Method #7… won’t most probably work any longer. The students are not allowed to bring and use any electronic devices, cell or smartphones on the exam. Otherwise, they get penalized. So, don’t rely on SMS cheating or Wi-Fi access nearby. However, you might get lucky by having an old duff as a teacher.

Finally, there is one more bonus method.

Micro headphones are an excellent cheating tool in many aspects of human life.

This technique is considered the most up-to-date and safest: this small wireless miracle will not be noticed even by the most vigilant examiner, especially if you have long hair. So, girls and rock guys, make a dent in the cheating practice!

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