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April's Fool: Develop own Prank!

Have you ever watched “Hey, Arnold” episode on April’s Fool? Agree on that Helga’s a genius: pretending you have completely lost your memory because of a collapse with some “football head”… Ha-ha, she always made me laugh. Do you want to impress others with the extraordinary and clever jokes instead of dog and pony show? We’ll share the most outstanding pranks of the last decade so that you can mix to come up with your own April Fool’s “innovation”.

Aprils Fool: Develop own Prank!-1

#1. Get inspired by the donuts. The continuing growth of donut’s popularity makes it easier to get someone bittersweet tricked. Purchase few boxes of donuts (better to go wholesale) from one of the top favorite manufacturers (Royal Donuts, Dino’s, or Krispy Kreme). Replace all of the donuts (eat them, share them with your mom, throw them into your dog, whatever) with the “all-time-favorite” teen’s dish, Brussels sprouts. Make sure they are all raw and maximum disgusting. J If you know the preferences of your “victims” for sure, you may put other vegetables (or even worse – a licorice) into the boxes. Leave the box on the counter for your beloved friend to explore. Hint: it will work better if giving sweet presents away is a norm for you. Get prepared ahead: start giving candies or bubble gums in March.
Aprils Fool: Develop own Prank!-2

#2. Make your “victim” break his or her head against the wall on April’s Fool. Download (get, send, share) this freaky-looking puzzle: http://aprilfoolzone.com/files/wordsearch.pdf. It works the best with the most boastful nerds you’ve ever seen. Select all those “A” students from your school or college. Offer to solve it in the middle of the break or, what’s better, noisy party, after they get drunk a bit.

The hack is that none of the words you see on the screen appear in this puzzle.

Now that is a complicated stuff: to find what actually does not exist. But nerds cannot give up. They would rather die! Hopefully, they’ll notice “APRIL” and “FOOLS” in the puzzle…someday…

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Aprils Fool: Develop own Prank!-3
#3. Here is quite an awful one, which also works with Halloween Night. Here we go: print out or get else how a big (life-size is a perfect deal) face. I would recommend a scary/funny clown or monster. You may pick your favorite celeb or even yours, but I don’t think you’ll be impressed by the result. And here’s why: attach the image to the underside of the toilet seat face-up (the joke works better if it’s a private WC).Next, close the lid to the toilet. It’s a surprise cap only for The Chosen One! J

#4. Blast ‘em up! Buy one of those numerous cheap air horns. It’s important that it is a compressed air type. Warning: don’t even think of this prank unless you’re in a good shape with your PhotoShop. Use this software to develop a fake air freshener label (Glade, Air Wick, Ambi Pur). Stick it on the air horn label. Put the can into one’s bathroom or WC and wait with the bated breath for your “appraisal”!

#5. Oh, here is one of my favorite. Does not the possibility of controlling your friend through the fake voice commands cheer you up? Create an official-looking label of the office paper towel dispenser promoting “Voice activated: say “Paper towel, please!” It almost made me die of laughing when I tried this shit in our head office last year. The number of “new technology” pioneers impressed!
Aprils Fool: Develop own Prank!-4

#6. By the way, if, as a student, you manage to cope with a part-time job, try this one to make laugh of your co-workers (it’s better to exclude boss, you know). I called it “Insane cursor” or “Crazy mouse.” Plug a wireless device mentioned above into your classmate’s, teacher’s (if you’re the risky one), or co-worker’s PC or laptop. Move to the nearest hidden location to wiggle the naughty mouse around. Everybody will get pretty much confused why their system is freaking out.

#7. Well, there is no secret some of the April 1st pranks are simply annoying. But what shall we do? –Life is an unfair thing. J Have you experienced the type of joke where you put hundreds of post-its all over the office to drive local workers mad? It’s time for you to accept the challenge! It’s even more fun than “ice-bucketing”! Pull a mini-version by placing virtual post-its all over one’s PS desktop. It works even better in terms of the modern digitized world. Tip: if you’re dealing with Windows 7, just press Start à All Programs à Accessories à Sticky Notes.

Aprils Fool: Develop own Prank!-5

#8. To end up, I won’t say something too much clever, unpredictable or embarrassing. The top simplest prank ever created: balance a tiny disposable cup of water on the top of a partially open door. Then wait for the splash!

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