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Application Letter: How It Matters

“What the hell is application letter? Do I need it at all?” Well, in case you are dreaming of a prestigious job, high revenues, and wealthy family, you do. You may call it whatever: application, admission, CV, “unnecessary sh*t of paper…” But once your request will be denied, you’ll get its significance. The requirements for all universities differ, but the only common thing is an application letter.

Application Letter: How It Matters-1Except for high overall GPA, you will need to perform own skills, knowledge, life goals, and value you can bring to a particular educational institution. Colleges are expecting less than universities, so you have to invest more attempts into accomplishing your university admission package.

We would not recommend you lying through your teeth, but it you can mention some abilities you have not yet mastered in full which are required by the particular university. Reading the rules and objectives of every university and college is a must. But here are some general recommendations from our team.

This time, we are going to discuss some general rules and characteristics a winning application/admission letter should possess.

1) Stay focused. Don’t jump from one target to another. Remember: you can have only one clearly formulated goal. Just as with writing resume or CV, it is critical to identify only one purpose of your application which is entering a particular university.

Repeat the name of your targeted educational institution several times throughout the letter: admission officers love hearing it. Besides, they would see your keen interest this way.

Application Letter: How It Matters-2Also, you may mention the position you would like to obtain in the future. Match it with your further education somehow. E.g. “I have always dreamt of becoming a professional writer, so I need this Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism” or “MBA degree from Harvard Business School is among the top leading choices for all those who wish to become successful managers one day.” Make the commission understand the role of this institution in your life, show your true desire.

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2) Be coherent. You may wonder if there is any difference between this second pint and the first one. Well, there is a minor variation - it refers more to the structure of your letter. But the logical organization of the paper is possible only when the main idea is repeated throughout the text. Your text should look like one whole, not consisting of separate parts. Even if you feel like talking about completely different things which still make sense to you, try to build a bridge between them. For instance, you are fond of playing guitar, but at the same time you are engaged in studying international commerce.

When writing to Harvard School, you may add that “you are attending music courses and have own band.” The last phrase may position you as a potentially strong supervisor.

Application Letter: How It Matters-3

Thus, you may go on with something like this: “I need to master the basics of doing business abroad as far as my dream is to launch own recording company one day.” Don’t be afraid to use your imagination in full. The fact that your application letter should be formal does not mean you are not allowed to share your life goals and wishes. Vice versa, admission officers prefer sincere candidates with a worthy dream. It is useful to outline the graph of your main pints first.

3) Make sure to interpret everything. Spread your focus by thinking of other valuable things you can achieve by getting enrolled in a particular university/college. You have to add some facts from your life that make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. In a resume, there is a part where you mention your professional, technical, and personal skills. Well, you might lack experience and professionalism by the time you write your first admission letter, but you can always mention your built-in qualities such as “outgoing, team player, tolerant, flexible, good orator”. Choose more verbs that reflect actions (“coordinated, investigated, acknowledge”). These words will serve as the evidence for your “self-research.

Application Letter: How It Matters-4

4) And stay personal! Your letter replaces an interview. Think of what would you say to the commission officer if you had this opportunity. The only difference is that you have to throw away all unnecessary details and informal words.

It is advised to dedicate a separate paragraph to the things which seem not that crucial like ethnic background or political interests, but only in case you can relate them to your choice.

For instance, “I want to get enrolled into this Culture and Communication Department as far as I have always trusted in the words of Martin Luther King and freedom for all. Democracy is in my blood.” Don't be afraid to mention any difficulties you might have faced during your past education; one can be strong in terms of interpreting marketing data, but be absolutely helpless in studying human relations. Such revelation will help commission officers to advice you on your further learning and select the best individual program for your needs. Also, stress how you overcame difficulties. Show your confidence. Use "I" rather than phrases like "this writer" or "my experience" or "was experienced by me."

The next time we are going to discuss options for the letter organization and formatting styles. Don’t miss!

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