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A Tricky Path: From High School to College

High school period is believed to be the most favorable in everyone’s life. Even if one turns an outsider, this time still remains full of impressions and memories. First kisses, first experience, first true friends… As well as first challenges, failures, and wins.

You might won’t ever use those creepy maths formulas or Ancient Greece dates, but the fact remains the fact: this season of our life is awesome. Wanna have some fun? Check out if this is true about your high school life.

Stage 1...

For all those who is just getting started… Keep calm and be a freshman!

It’s not that horrible and humiliating as modern cinematography might show. Noone will get at you unless you deserve it. Private schools for wealthy guys may be an exception.

A Tricky Path: From High School to College-1

It’s just important to realize that you cannot be loved by everyone. Making friends with foes, like Ramones sing, is not the best strategy. Come to terms with this fact.

Don’t act selfish or mean. Pretend you’re a shy one. Well, at least at the beginning to trick everyone around.

Keep to the right side of the hallway and stairs. Don’t ever walk in packs. Stop making too much noise – there is no more mom or dad to console you. Keep silent when you see your friends and don’t laugh while bypassing elder guys. Remember: they’ll get you at lunch or WC.

Stage 2: moving to the sophomore year. It’s just as dramatic as you see it on “Twilight”. You recognize the importance of studying more than partying and wasting your time.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell – is that all you really know? Believe it or not, but you might get very upset with that knowledge you receive at this age when entering the adult life. Don’t try too hard, but stay on the wave at the same time.

You start getting at freshmen. As a rule, sophomore year representatives do it far more severely than the rest of the students. As psychologists say, it can be explained by the fact they are suffering and waiting for this moment for too long and with the greatest desire. So, it’s all the matter of revenge.

It’s like driving a car.A Tricky Path: From High School to College-2

It is the period of blind beliefs. “Me and Jules will never break up.” “I will end up marrying with her.” Nothing else but a naïve snot…

You actually make no difference to anyone else at this school. Seniors, juniors, and freshman don’t care anything about you. That drives you mad.

Next… Freak out ‘cause junior year! Now you know what SAT is … and you hate it most in the world! By failing them, you give a hard time to yourself. By getting well-prepared (studying the materials, ordering essays from writing services, conducting researches, sharing papers with your classmates, asking for help the elder generation) you have all chances to get rid of this phobia once and forever. It will help in the future too.

Chemistry and physics are here to consume your life.

It’s the right time to start your planning for college or university. Start choosing the potential career (or at least an industry you wanna work for).

You feel you know nothing. Those years were pretty empty and senseless. Here is where the despair comes.You find your group of friends. This will most likely be the toughest year of classes. Let’s say, a philosophical one.

A Tricky Path: From High School to College-3


Keep calm and graduate … or at least, give it a try! There is nothing more to catch within these dull walls. You strive for more – money, might, success… You’re turning the adult. That’s what’s happening. But a part of small fry still lives inside of you.

From now, college applications are considered the same as acceptance letters. You are more focused on entering a college than thinking about a future career. However, at this stage, you have already made a decision.

You’re dying of attending this place. You have nothing to do here anymore. “I know everything” concept leads to endless parties and bad adventures just as it used to be at stage one.

Here we go… Last class trip, last vacation, last quarrel with Tim (Anne, Harry, Mary)… Graduation and prom. Oh, yeah, that creepy thing… Being Prom Queen is the biggest dream of every girl so far. Don’t make it thrash your brain completely.

Graduation day… Hopefully, it won’t look like the one from “Buffy” episode or “Carrie” by Stephen King.

It’s time to enjoy college!

A Tricky Path: From High School to College-4At last… You are here! And what you get? More freedom? Maybe…

 “I never learned any of this in high school!”

You are impressed how complicated the higher education is.

You start picking colleges that offer online classes and turning to online writing services. It’s better than cheating on your exam, I believe.

Better yet – pick a college where you can get everything (including your degree) online.

Congratulations! You’re going to spend the next 20-30 years paying off your student loans for failing too many courses or losing a plenty of textbooks.

Graduation… finally!

Did I go to college so I could get a good job? Awesome! Now, along with millions of other Americans, I can’t find a job, and I’m $70,000 in debt to my student loans. Fail.






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