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8 More Tips on How to Make Yourself Study Not Just Before the Exam

8 More Tips on How to Make Yourself Study Not Just Before the Exam-1

When you get to the case, you immediately realize an intense desire to eat, sleep, drink, smoke, visit your social page or urgently run to the WC. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The problem is that most probably this habit will cause significant problems with the future career. What’s the deal?

Think of it: being a highbrow is at the cutting edge now. Do not confuse highbrow with the nerd.

A highbrow is that kind of an intellectual who is not possessed by education only. It’s a person who does everything ahead to save more time for leisure later. He studies a bit everyday (at least an hour or a half).

This approach seems rational enough, so it becomes more and more spread. We can notice its influences even in clothing and accessories style. Thick-framed glasses, velvet pants, plaid jackets, cardigans, bow tie and suspenders – all of these elements are at the top of the fashion pyramid.

Is there a way to differ an ordinary asshole from true highbrow? Just before your midterm or final, pay attention to the behavior of your classmates. Those who act in a calm manner, know every possible topic and are eager to help others, are considered highbrows. Those bug-eyed guys tearing around in panic and looking for at least one good exam sample or paper template are 100% nerds. All they count for is receiving a high exam grade to survive a course. But it is impossible to learn anything without working the whole semester. After all, the overall score per course consists of several elements such as essays, research paper, project (or case study) and two exams. It’s up to you to decide which group you would like to join and how to be called.

Every day students have to force their memory, imagination, and logic to digest large amounts of information to create own intellectual products. At the same time, analyzing other people thoughts and discoveries is a must. That’s how a full-fledged educational process looks. And there is no way to skip a day. It’s a myth that you can quickly catch up after missing a couple of days. Poor kids are required to prepare enormous amount of lab reports, projects, case studies, essays, presentations, and the will to “postpone them until tomorrow" usually wins.

If you need something to do, but you feel an internal resistance or discomfort, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of the fears inside. You don’t have to inflate the significance of the task that much. Frankly speaking, your life is not under the threat.

You see, when people work with the information that significance is inflated, they experience fears that seek to protect them from doing that. The primary concern is the disability to accomplish the task in a way you are expected by your teacher. The same happens in the “student-teacher” relations: students often get scared of their instructors. They start evaluating them as some kind of monsters for no reason. You have to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of they all are people who used to be students just like you. You can always consult them. After all, it’s their obligation to share knowledge with their students.

What Should I Do?

8 More Tips on How to Make Yourself Study Not Just Before the Exam-2

  • Reduce the significance level. Stop thinking that this is a big deal or matter of life and death. The only thing that cannot be fixed is the fatal disease. Everything else is completely in our hands. A process of learning is just the same as washing up, cleaning the house, or surfing the web. The actions taken to provide these activities might differ, but they all require our brain and a bit of effort. That’s it.
  • Don't strive to do everything flawlessly. Stop thinking that you should all do your homework perfectly, and no mistakes are allowed. You won’t get punished or killed. A grade may be a bit lower, but only those who do nothing fail the course. You still have a chance to survive. Unless you let everything flow the way it should, you will be wrapped in the following inhibitory illusions: "I still need to think more. I still need a little preparation. I still need to gather more information”.
  • The main thing is to start! You will get the insight only after getting in touch with the deal. The enlightenment comes in the process as well as inspiration. A lot of famous musicians, for instance, follow this theory. And it works!
  • Remove all emotions. Choleric temper won’t get it easy while it makes no problem for phlegmatic person. However, you have to try. Postponing the task is not a solution. Only when you have written a couple of pages, you get something to improve and move on. Also, don’t proofread your work unless it is completed. Be able to define priorities. It will help you with your future career and family life. In order to become a professional in any field, you need to taste Johnny raw. 
  • Treat the science as the job. Pretending you are a full-time employee and a college assignment is one of your numerous job responsibilities is a great method. Yes, the salary is not high, but any newcomer has to earn an excellent reputation within first three months (that’s what we call a probation period). It is the only way to increase wages expectations (grades) and earn some social benefits (appraisal, free launches, cookies, more leisure time, dance tickets, etc.)
  • Mind your own efforts! Don’t try to cope with too airy-fairy volumes of work. Sometimes, students fail handling a lot of tasks at the same time. In the end, none of them looks satisfying. Another situation is when a student feels a pig-in-the-middle taking his BBA course only because of his parents whim. In fact, he would rather gain a Ph.D. in Biology to become a famous surgeon one day. Listen only to your heart while choosing that college or university to enter. Remember: one wrong choice may ruin the entire life.
  • The environment does matter. As well as your surrounding. It is hard to believe that a group of girls aiming high to play hooky and go out partying every night will motivate you to study.
  • Taking drugs and smoking all the time is not a good option too. Take yourself in hand! Make friends only with worthy people. After all, not everyone’s able to make real friends.
  • Never forget about your free time. Every human being has a right for leisure. The world is planned in a way so that more time is dedicated to work/education, but there is nothing done without any reason. It’s just about supporting a natural balance. Devote at least two hours per day for recreation/relaxation: music, sports, hobbies, communication.

A Useful Exercise is Doing the Silliest Project in the World

Before launching a serious project, you can try to do a senseless one. Psychologists recommend this exercise to reduce the significance of crucial assignments. Thus, you remove your fears. Devote half an hour from your busy schedule to the project you consider the silliest one in the entire world. Turn all the electronic devices off (just like you do on the plain), and start practicing.

Your goal is to complete a project somehow related to your topic so that the vector direction of your thoughts stays toward the initial project you have to submit. I.e., your subject is describing Napoleon battles and constructing a detailed layout for one of them. In your funny project, develop a layout on how could Napoleon spend his leisure time or dress. If you get inspired by watching related movies, pay attention to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” starring Keanu Reeves. The way these guys presented their history assignment is simply irresistible. You can and you must make mistakes, obscene lexicon, dirty jokes, BUT only in terms it has something to do with your primary academic task.

8 More Tips on How to Make Yourself Study Not Just Before the Exam-3

What's the point of this exercise? Because you find no purpose to do the assignment, you have to remove the block from your intelligent activity. This practice will remove 90% of your blocks/fears. Plus, 30 minutes even of the most freaky activity can fire up your brain!

After all, I have to admit that turning into a high school or college achiever/highbrow is possible only if you cope with the laziness, complexes and fears once and forever.

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