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Chemiluminiscence Experiment - Lab Report Example

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Exothermic reactions produce quantities of heat which undergo conversion to light energy (Roda 50). The purpose of the experiment is to foster understanding of chemiluminescence to…
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Chemiluminiscence Experiment
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Extract of sample "Chemiluminiscence Experiment"

Download file to see previous pages This undertaking involves the use of dissimilar concentrations of luminol and at varied temperatures (Roda 51).
The experiment requires various chemicals and apparatus in order to become successful. About 25 ml of chlorine in liquid for will be useful as an oxidizing agent (Roda 53). Quantities of water of half liter will be desirable in the process together with 0.12 grams of luminol. Beakers will be in use for putting the reagents of the experiment. A beam balance will perform various measurements, which are suitable, for this experiment (Roda 53). An ice bath and a thermometer for aiding temperature measurements are fundamental. Other materials will involve a funnel plus a plastic tube. The procedure for the experiment involves measuring 0.12 grams of luminol by using a beam balance and mixing the mass with 250 Ml of water in distilled form (Roda 53). The action results in a solution of luminol.
While measuring the luminol substance, a minimum of three measurements are significant for providing accurate measurements. This is possible by conducting about three measurements and finding the differences in mass. There should be a consideration of the mass of the paper that will contain the luminol substance in order to maintain accuracy (Roda 55). Maintaining accurate measurements is critical in reducing errors in experiments or deviation from the expected results. The next step will involve production of the bleach contents. It entails performing a mix of 25 ml of chlorine bleach in liquid form and about 225 ml of water in distilled form.
The bleach and the luminol solutions are cool in an ice bath and the temperatures put in the record. The recording is for both solutions put in separate containers (Roda 55). Darkening the room will ensure efficiency in performing observations, especially, the amount of light seen when the two solutions come in contact. A funnel linked with the plastic tube will be present to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chemiluminiscence Experiment Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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