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The paper "Oracles Larry Ellison - A Profile of Power, Influence, and Dominance" describes that being greedy is a theory that is used by Ellison to achieve all his goals. According to a research that was done, he is ranked the fifth richest man in the world with an estimated worth of 49.5b billion. …
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Download file to see previous pages There are several qualities that Ellison thought the world. He tried to prove that college degree is not important in achieving excellence him being a college dropout. Despite him not having a degree, he was the first to be the most successful billionaire before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. He dropped out of college more than once (Ellison & Symonds, 2014). He stayed in school enough and through this, he was able to learn about computer design. The knowledge he got was from reading an article that was written by an IBM scientist.
Larry thought that one should not retire. With him turning seventy years, he remains the longest founder CEO in the tech industry. He has been holding the Oracle since 1977. According to IBM, there should be the retirement of one after reaching the age of 60 but Larry has not thought of retiring and speaks nothing about retirement to the public. Larry believes that a competitive spirit is the greatest motivator in anything one carries out. He still goes to work and claim that the encouragement that he has is that he is addicted to winning (Southwick, 2003). According to him, what drives him is the constant testing of limits that one has. He always thinks of making a difference and changes lives.
Being greedy is a theory that is used by Ellison to achieve all his goals. According to a research that was done, he is ranked the fifth richest man in the world with an estimated worth of 49.5b billion. He claims to get there through the standards that he set for high executive pay. He was the highest paid in the 2000s. The salary being highest did not make him miss work. This is what he described to as being greedy in ensuring that one becomes successful in life. Being generous is a virtue that Ellison brought out to be much needed for one to make effort and get success in activities that one does. Despite him being a philanthropist, he does not talk much about his efforts unlike other philanthropic billionaires like Bill Gates. He is mainly focused on medical research and green energy but does not talk much about the efforts that he has made to improve the sector (Symonds & Ellison, 2003). According to him, he was ready to give much of his wealth to charity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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