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Who Is Pepsis Biggest Competitor - Term Paper Example

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The essay “Who Is Pepsi’s Biggest Competitor?” seeks to explore the company’s biggest competitor in terms of selling beverages. The company controls a larger share of the market for soft drinks that have been carbonated. However, the Pepsi Company has a larger market share…
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Who Is Pepsis Biggest Competitor
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Download file to see previous pages Their products, which include foods, beverages, and snacks, compete with other products from other manufacturers on the grounds of quality, price and their variety of products and their distribution efficiencies. Their success in marketing their products has largely arisen from their success in promoting their existing products, the effectiveness of their advertisement campaigns, their marketing programs, packaging of their products and their pricing strategies (PepsiCo, p.28). Their success has also been facilitated by their increased efficiencies in their production techniques, their trademark and brand development and their protection within the neighborhood, regional and worldwide markets. The company believes that in order for them to be able to compete effectively, their brands and marketing strategies should be strong. They also believe that their innovations and the quality of their products and their flexible distribution channels will allow their company to remain competitive in all the markets they deal with (PepsiCo, p.29).
The Company uses the straight-line methodology of calculating their depreciation and amortization. According to the company’s 2008 financial reports, the depreciation and amortization of the tangible assets that they own is carried out on a five-year basis. In addition, the company’s 2011 annual financial reports indicate that their country’s tax laws require them to include their depreciation expenses at periodic intervals of five years (PepsiCo, p.36).
The Pepsi Company had authorized 3,600 shares of common stock in the year 2011 according to their annual reports.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Who Is Pepsis Biggest Competitor Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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