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Productivity in the Roanoke Branch - Coursework Example

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This essay analyzes Phoenix Advertising, that has a reputation for the efficient delivery of services to its customers. This is a reputation we helped to build over the years. The Roanoke branch has been the most important branch serving the largest number of clients…
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Productivity in the Roanoke Branch
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Extract of sample "Productivity in the Roanoke Branch"

Download file to see previous pages As I follow up, I am writing to provide details of how the executive team can help in reversing the downward spiral of employee morale and productivity.
Background. As you will recall, we lost two of our most experienced technical employees at Roanoke and other have disclosed their intention to leave Phoenix. A vacuum will be created, which will be very difficult to fill. This is capable of reducing the number of a client by half in the next six months. Our overall annual revenue will consequently decrease by 37%. This will further aggravate the effect of the economic crunch which has reduced advertisement expenses by 41% nationwide, and 53% in North Carolina.
Proposal. Given the above, I am proposing a new approach to managing employee relations. This approach comprises three major components: securing employee commitment, dispute resolution, and welfare. The commitment of employee especially the top management employees can be secured by establishing a two-way communication process which will help managers understand Phoenix vision, mission, objectives, and values and allow the executive team at the headquarters. This can be achieved during meetings, frequent briefings, newsletters, and circulars. Recreational and sports activities can also be used for informal communications. The commitment of employees can also be enhanced by appropriate recognition of individual employees and teams’ achievements and efforts. This will help in promoting the right attitude to work and bringing out the best in employees. Adequate recognition can be given to employees through commendation letters, honors and merit awards, and management suggestion scheme. Given the inevitability of conflicts among employees at different categories, the executive team should establish clear channels for lodging complaints, expeditiously deal with complaints and the actions taken communicated to employees in order to resolve disputes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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