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Cannabis Industry Leadership - Essay Example

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This essay Cannabis Industry Leadership declares that when trying to identify the richest, most powerful, the biggest, most famous, most influential, or the best, it is important to start at the usual level then continue the journey from there…
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Cannabis Industry Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages From the study it is clear that Ethan Nadelmann is among the individuals who are enforcing moves towards marijuana legalization. He serves as the Drug Policy Alliance administrative director. He stipulates that the government should not interfere with the activities of those individuals who use marijuana. Nadelmann has for about two decades has adopted reforms that influence deliberate awareness, arguing that the fight against cruel laws on drugs is not only about fighting for the rights of individuals that use drugs. He also targets popular substances such as marijuana. The move targets fighting against the overreach actin exercised by the federal government hence end the pointless drug ban among humans.
As the report explores legalization of marijuana was a neglected issue 20 years ago before the Nadelmann’s entry to the field. At this period, only criminal growers participated in the practice by issuing leaflets in various shows to demand the government to stop interfering with the marijuana industry. Presently, however, the efforts that Nadelmann has put forth have led to the legalization of cannabis in two states, while it is used for medicinal purposes in an additional 16 states. Nadelmann is also an influential policy entrepreneur who targets any issue affecting domestic matters. The major force that drove Nadelmann to support the legalization of marijuana was the idea that drug abuse was considered a crisis in the public health field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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