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Political Interactions - Essay Example

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The essay named "Political Interactions" will discuss business and its environment. Karthik, Sandra, and Ian (2015) explain that political environment and the state of the regulation act as a powerful tool in developing businesses, enterprises survival, and economic functioning. …
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Political Interactions
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Download file to see previous pages While business corporates are interested in their business growth and activities, the government is interested in working in the best interest of the society through implementing business regulations, environmental protection as well as standard in practices. Essentially, businesses and the government act as an important source of the transaction between the private and public sector. This brings a strong interaction between the business corporates and the government through policies. This aims towards addressing issues about quality production and environment protection. Since some of the issues can become conflicting between the government and the businesses, it requires them to lobby together in the benefit of society in general. In circumstances of global financial crisis, the government must always intervene to strain off the national debt and encourage improved business condition to the enterprises. All these interventions act in the interest of the business entities by ensuring their successes. However, the business corporates must comply by ensuring orientation and competitive business concepts. These include fulfilling the modern market demands of the expected products and services, improving the quality of products and using the most modern information and digital technology in production.
There are various ways through which the businesses strategically use lobbying to influence the outcomes of the policies formulated to guide business. According to Karthik, Sandra, and Ian (2015), some businesses enterprises are involved in financing of democratic processes as a means of lobbying for the formulation of policies that act best in their interests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Interactions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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