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: U.S. launches new trade action against India over solar program - Case Study Example

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The United States announces their new trade action against India in connection to their solar power practices that left the US…
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Case Study: U.S. launches new trade action against India over solar program
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Extract of sample ": U.S. launches new trade action against India over solar program"

Download file to see previous pages However, the case also connects the distressing relation between the two allies with other events such as the arrest and strip search of an Indian citizen in the United States over visa fraud allegations and the violation of intellectual property rights by Indian drug dealers in the US(Hughes &Daniels, 2014). Resolutely, this paper entails a critical analysis of the situation, particularly the relationship between India and the United States as the first step to proposing the best solution. Typically, the analysis involves evaluation the notions and statures of both sides as a foundation for identifying their distinct goals and the general problem.
The United States are at the forefront of the scuffle with India where their main concern builds up from the idea that India has become rapidly independent in the production of solar energy and products. This has resulted to the alienation of US manufacturers having very little to offer in the Indian market, the third largest economy in Asia(Hughes &Daniels, 2014). According to Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative, their chief concern is the continuous use of local products by Indian manufacturers, which appears as a discrimination of their producers. However, US Environmental Groups are against the Obama administration approach through using WTO action since there are chances it would also work against the United States. Nonetheless, the core objective of the United States is gaining substantial power over solar products manufacture in India even though their relationship is at risk.
On the other hand, India aims to reduce the chronic energy shortages by developing solar energy and products as the first step to their renewable energy project. However, this development has resulted to problems with the United States who want to regain their stature as initiators of solar energy production in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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