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Business information for Fly Guys about Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database - Assignment Example

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This paper assesses the capabilities of this utilities based on the business information need at Fly Guys. The author describes the ability of the MS Access database application, compares Excel spreadsheet and Access Database and concludes that Access database application is a better alternative …
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Business information for Fly Guys about Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database
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Extract of sample "Business information for Fly Guys about Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database"

Download file to see previous pages In contrast, the Excel spreadsheets would keep displaying messages about a locked file and this might intimidate the passengers in addition to contributing to time wastage. Thus, Access database application is a better alternative as pertains to the support of the booking operations.
Second, Access database uses structured query languages (SQL) to manipulate records. An even more striking aspect of this future is that the end-user can tailor the queries to suit the business needs. For example, it is possible generating reports based on criteria such as passengers involved in half journeys, passengers involved in full journeys and passengers who are most loyal to Fly Guys. On the other hand, Excel spreadsheets lack such fascinating features. Implicit in this is the point that a business which embraces Excel as an information management tool is likely to be restricted with regards to generating reports that can support business goals. So, MS Access database is better placed to meet the custom report generation needs at Fly Guys.
Another reason why Fly Guys would need to focus on MS Access to address the custom report needs is its scalability and flexibility. In brief, Access can scale well and communicate seamlessly with nearly all other 21st century relational databases via open database connectivity (ODBC) connections. The only prerequisite for this capability is for the involved database administrator to have a thorough knowledge of the Fly Guys-owned MS Access database file.
As Beskeen (2010) puts it, MS Access is a better option when it comes to information storage. In general, the application’s capabilities come in handy when a need arises to store information for a more elaborated time. This aspect suits the operation at Fly Guys because the records handled will inevitably rise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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