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Process of Preparing an Electronic Portfolio - Essay Example

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For instance, I was able to realize that understanding of the purpose of the portfolio was important before someone begins developing an electronic portfolio. Due to the…
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Process of Preparing an Electronic Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages It is through the exercise of developing an electronic portfolio that I was able to have an understanding of the importance of the criteria for evaluation. The criteria for evaluation are put in place to make sure that every electronic portfolio serves the intended purpose. It is at this point that I was able to understand the principles that would be used to judge the quality of an electronic portfolio(Cambridge, 2012). Knowledge of the evaluation criteria was helpful in determining the exact content of the portfolio. As a result of knowing the evaluation criteria, I believe that I was able to make sure that all the needed competencies were included in the electronic portfolio.
Presentation and organization of an electronic portfolio are always important aspects of the development process. For presentation and organization of my electronic portfolio I used Canvas e-Portfolio. I was also able to realize that there are a number of alternatives that someone can use in the development of an electronic portfolio. It was through the process that I was able to realize that someone can opt for using required templates to develop an electronic portfolio (Gülbahar&Tinmaz, 2006). However, I came to the conclusion that the use of Canvas e-Portfolio was the most appropriate for my case.
Evidence of achievement is an important aspect of an electronic portfolio. Actually, I came to the realization that it is through evidence that someone can make sure that an electronic portfolio is as appealing and convincing as possible. The achievement included in an electronic portfolio should include details such as projects, any completed assignments, special projects completed, or evidence of any skills and experienced attained as a result of participation in workshops or conferences. It should be noted that before settling for any specific competencies and proficiencies, a person should list all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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