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Chapter 3 Applications: Markov Applications and Forecasting - Assignment Example

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Therefore, from the data collected in 2013 and 2014 there are three categories of personnel. The data shows job stability that is…
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Chapter 3 Applications: Markov Applications and Forecasting
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Download file to see previous pages Level 3, the Region sales manager (RSM) likelihood of remaining in the same position is 0.7. Therefore from the three levels of the job categories it shows that the ASM record the highest probability of job stability (Heneman et al., 2012).
The promotion paths and rates are based on the staff at level 1, and 2 being promoted to the job categories in level 2 and 3. Consequently, the probability of SF being promoted to ASM is 0.05 and SP is 0.1 from the data collected. The ASM is to RSM with the probability of 0.1. Therefore, the likelihood of part-time employees being promoted to the assistant sales manager is high compared to the staff in full time. The promotion path is from the low-level employees to the highest level; hence it is not possible to promote the employees in level 1 directly to level 3 (Heneman et al, 2012).
Transfer paths involve the full-time and part-time employees on level 1. The probability of being transferred from full time to part time is 0.1 and from part-time to full-time is 0.05. Therefore, the rate of transfer from full time to part time is high (Heneman et al, 2012).
Demotion involves the assistant and regional managers whereby their rank is in the company. The data shows that the assistant manager’s rate of demotion to level 1 full-time job is 0.05. The regional sales managers are not demoted as shown in the data collected (Heneman et al, 2012).
The staff in full-time category records the highest turnover rate of 0.35 a value of 35. The regional sales managers’ turnover rate is 0.3, 0.25 for part-time staff and 0.05 for the assistant sales managers recording the lowest turnover rate. Therefore, this shows that the highest number of employees exiting from the job was great in the years 2013 and 2014 (Heneman et al, 2012).
The data shows the current total number of employees in each job category. Therefore, the Human Resource management in the sales company expects a record of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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