Differences Between International Business Management and United States Business Management - Essay Example

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Business management is a function that coordinates the people’s efforts to accomplish objectives and goals while using the available resources effectively and efficiently. Business management entails the following organizing, planning, staffing, directing, leading and…
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Differences Between International Business Management and United States Business Management
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Download file to see previous pages Different business management practices differ depending on the purposes and the scope of the business or the area it covers (Adekola & Sergi, 2008).
There is the difference between international business management and United States business management. The international business management is a business that incorporates many factors as compared to the business management of America. The international business has factors like different government policies, cultures of different people and other foreign elements that are put into consideration, while the United States business management has only the domestic policy, one culture, and other internal factors that are considered when designing it. The American Business Management uses an individualistic approach where managers are the one who are responsible for the decisions made in their areas of the jurisdiction (Dewan, 2011). In this case, the decision always lies with the management though the other staff can discuss but the final say lies in the word of the boss. For the case of the international business, the board of management deliberates the matters affecting the business.
The management approach here is not like the one of United States business management, but it entails deliberations that are made by the board and are implemented by the representative managers of various countries in the world. The accountability of the international business lies in the board of management where in consultation with the various managers of different countries they account for everything that is done in the business. The managers of American companies have a belief that the overwhelming success in a business brings real rewards. Thus, they tend to disregard the opinions of the other subordinates members (Punnett, 2014). This approach brings a lot of problems when the things go wrong and in meetings there are some incidences of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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