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Businesses value of information______Study case - Assignment Example

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Telstra’s local industry has its comprehensive set of legal regulations that dictate most of the significant activities in Australia, especially because of the entrepreneurial statures. The company success relates with its keen observation of the legal regulations (Telstra,…
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Businesses value of information______Study case
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Download file to see previous pages Naturally, large companies such in the same caliber as Telstra have establishments around the world on various technologies i.e. cloud services, software development among other.
The statutes and charters in these industries do not distinguish the variations in such technologies. This advocates for the frequent lawsuits between companies and transnational organizations. Moreover, the patent laws in the industry emphasis on flexibility due to the vast growth and development of new technologies (Lamb, 2012). Competition is always a significant element in all industries but in telecommunication and computer technology production, sharing ideas on areas such as graphic user interface and operating systems is not a major issue because novelty and innovation are the key determinants of success in such an industry. Relatively, the flexibility aspect of the patent laws and system in general only give protection on a neutral perspective hence making it easy for lawsuits in difficult situations. Relatively, Telstra should assume the role on the global platform coming up with a way to offer customers a hosted ERP system on cloud without abusing the different regulations and legal patents. This will reduce the possibility of lawsuits, which might negatively affect Telstra’s trust by the consumers.
Given Telstra is an already established company in telecommunications and media, the main significance relative to its current aim of provision of information technology services is a Geographic Information System (GIS). Geographical information systems have become predominant in many organizations in the course of improving their effectiveness, especially for companies thriving in different but related markets. GIS describes computer-based systems specially designed in order to assist in the capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, as well as management and presentation of different kinds of spatial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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