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is an American company that started operating during the period of 1965 and since then it has spread all over the world. The company is named on its carbonated drink recognized as Pepsi that was developed during the period of 1880s by a pharmacist…
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Pepsi co
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Pepsi Co. Pepsi Co. History The company known as Pepsi Co. is an American company that started operating during the period of 1965 and since then it has spread all over the world. The company is named on its carbonated drink recognized as Pepsi that was developed during the period of 1880s by a pharmacist recognized as Caleb Bradham (, 2015). Later the name of the drink was altered to Pepsi-Cola and by the period of 1902 the company’s name was changed to Pepsi-Cola Company. At first the company did not perform well as was almost bankrupt by the year of 1931 (Balakrishnan, 2013). Later the company was purchased by an individual named Charles Guth who already owned a candy producing business recognized as Loft (, 2015). Guth later merged both the companies and started selling Pepsi-Cola in his own stores that were developed to sell candy. The company’s name was once again altered to Pepsi Co. when the company experienced a merger with Frito-Lay.
Products And Operations
Pepsi Co. no longer only deals in the sale of soft drinks and has expanded its business in various areas of food production and processing. It sells several carbonated drinks under its name such as Pepsi and Mountain Dew and it even sells several soft drinks for people who are concerned with their weight and diet (, 2015). It has even been producing and distributing energy drinks as well as sports drinks and is even serving the community with food items such as Lay’s potato chips as well as Cheetos. The company is operational throughout the world such as in European as well as Asian regions and is one of the most profitable businesses.
Balakrishnan, M., Michael, I., & Moonesar, I. (2013). East meets west. Bingley: Emerald.,. (2015). Our History | Retrieved 21 April 2015, from Read More
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