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Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect - Literature review Example

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It is a stock investment channel that connects both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The purpose of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect is for investors in Hong Kong and mainland to trade a…
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Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
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Download file to see previous pages All the trading activities are limited to the utilization of RMB as the standard currency.
This investment channel has opened up new markets which have not been available to international investors operating in Hong Kong. This channel has expanded the access to investment options which are available to different investors within China. International investors in Hong Kong can be able to access and purchase shares listed in the mainland stock market while operating from their location (Sekine 2014). All these transactions will be facilitated through local stock brokers and agents within the different locations. Previously, the investors within the different regions could only access stock within their market and had to be registered in either Hong Kong or Chinese markets to be able to conduct trade there.
Despite the development of a joint stock market investment opportunity which presents significant benefits to trader, there are various restrictions in the trading activities which investors can pursue. These restrictions have occurred as a result of the regulation available within the market. There is need for regulation to be implemented in seeking to ensure there is market control in how trading is conducted.
The channel has created formula for defining the eligible investors who will be allowed to conduct trade within the channel that is being developed. Investors from Hong Kong and international investors are allowed to access all types of eligible stocks within the shanghai stock market. This will nevertheless not be the circumstance for investors listed in the shanghai stock exchange. The investors from shanghai who can trade in shares within Hong Kong are only institutional investors and individuals who have RMB 500,000 of investment or cash.
Only ‘A’ shares from the Shanghai market are included within the eligible shares which can be traded in the channel. Certain constituent stocks of these ‘A’ shares are also accessible to Hong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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