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Review of Spam Nation by Brian Krebs - Book Report/Review Example

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The threat has the overwhelming power to destroy large volume and variety of data ranging from financial data to personal data. In ‘Spam Nation,’ Krebs unmasks…
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Book review of Spam Nation by Brian Krebs
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Download file to see previous pages However, the setting is majorly in America but more of the book has a Russian background as the epicenter of the cybercrime den, thanks to its oversupply of hackers’ population.
The author chronicles the raging feud between the two leading online marketers of illicit medicines, a clash he terms as the Pharma wars. The territorial battle war by GlavMed and Rx-Promotion leads to the eventual downfall of the two giant pirates companies. In desperate attempt to outdo each other, the two companies stole and gave each other’s dirty secrets to the law enforcement agencies that ended up shaping their downfall.
However, Krebs points out that the willing online buyers fuel the spammers in business. Interestingly, many people who cannot afford the costly legitimate medicine use spammers as their only salvage. In most cases, they get quality services save for the few instances of fraud. In a surprising twist, Krebs argues that the giant pharmaceuticals makers conspire with spammers to maintain the status quo, that is, the quick satisfaction of customers who buy illicit drugs is fishy.
One of Krebs essential point is the conspiracy of crime. The author alludes that pharmaceutical companies collude with the intermediaries between them and the spammers to ensure their extensive marketing of their products. He further point out how the pharmaceuticals are quick to satisfy complaining customer to keep away law enforcements agencies from snooping around. He also says that the pharma companies are resisting any plans to test the drugs sold spammers. From these observations, the author brings the ugly and corrupt nature of the pharmaceuticals companies. Companies want dominance at any cost, even if it means colluding with the lawbreakers (Findlay and Hanif 679). I agree with the author on this because there is so much controversy surrounding pharmaceuticals ranging from the mush-guarded secrets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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