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Marketing Management Individual work week11 - Coursework Example

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Point-of-purchase advertising utilizes integrated marketing communications where the promotional activities are organized in such a way to ensure that the advertisements of the company brands achieve great results. Point of purchase promotion therefore involves efforts which are…
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Marketing Management Individual work week11
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Download file to see previous pages Point-of-purchase promotions have been popularized as a method of increasing sales as it is reported to have a great impact in influencing consumer buying behavior. While there are consumers who are insistent on brand loyalty, most of them decide to purchase and try new brands especially when their preferred brands are out of stock. If such a product happens to be better than the original brand, consumers can make the decision to switch the brands. Some of the promotions that I recently came across include McDonald’s food products, apparel stores and grocery stores (Jones et al, 2003).
At the point of sale, McDonald’s burgers, fries, burgers, beef and all their food products are displayed on a screen in a very appealing way. The purpose of such display is to entice consumers who are passing by to feel hungry even when they are not really hungry, and thereby end up buying their food. The point of sale advertisement of their food items is also aimed at adding to, rather than changing the beliefs of people who believe that their products are high in fat by promoting the sweet tastes and convenience of their food. I felt that he point of purchase of McDonald’s beef was very helpful as it was not interested in changing my perception about the dangers of eating product with so much fat, but revealing why it is convenient for me to have such beef once on a while, and therefore they influenced me into purchasing a piece of McDonald’s beef. This type of media is very effective and I would recommend that McDonald spend their advertising budget on this form of media.
Sometimes people go inside the stores and come out without there being major variations inside. However, the apparel stores are changing that by making their front door an invaluable tool of enticing consumers to enter the store and make a purchase. This is done by displaying the best designs and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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