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Answering questions and doing research - Assignment Example

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It is known as Adidas Group Holding Company and is based in Herzogenaurach. The company also makes products such as shirts, watches, bags and eyewear besides sports footwear. In…
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Answering questions and doing research
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Download file to see previous pages They do not indicate any doubt on the Adidas products or material durability. The only challenge that came out, however, was the issue of design and price. There is a need for Adidas to input more efforts and try to design new products that are attractive to the customers. Several people have heard about “Adidas” as a brand and have bought Adidas products before. However, the populations had varying attitudes and perception towards Adidas. Some thought that Adidas was a product of some famous football (Regine Business Research, 2013).
Research also reveals that other people initially thought that Adidas was a brand meant for people who were of very high class. Most of the people, however, indicated that they buy Adidas products and prefer the Adidas products over the products of other brands such as Nike and Puma. Several respondents feel satisfied with the material and quality used in the products of Adidas. The respondents however had issues with the design of the products of Adidas. They feel that Adidas design is sub-standard with no attractive, stylish design. Several people preferred the Nike designs. Some people compare it to Nike and come out with some differences. Some people feel that Adidas has a problem with its branding as compared to Nike. People get positive and immediate impressions when thinking about the Nike brand and to the contrary, not when the same people think about the brand of Adidas. Adidas has got no stellar branding work like Nike making the market share of Nike relative. As a result, the worldwide market share of Adidas is almost half that of Nike (Regine Business Research, 2013).
It is very important for Adidas to consider the influences from the groups because the groups and the company mutually depend on each other. According to Beard (2014), the groups consume the products of Adidas and, therefore, influence the success of the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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