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Answer the questions one by one - Case Study Example

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From the revolutions of 1989 to the September 11 terror attack, non-state actors continue shaping world events in ways unseen before. Globalization, the integration of different societies and groups of the…
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Answer the questions one by one
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Download file to see previous pages Terror organizations continuously take advantage of globalization to propagate their radical ideology and coordinate global attacks. However, there is room for the world to seek long-lasting political and social problems that come with a global civil society.
I argue that (Kaldor 561) is not overestimating the power and effectiveness of society on a global scale. A group can change the world in a minute. The events of September 11 2001 clearly show that a misguided group can bring horror and grieve to the world in almost an instant. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, the whole world had one resolve not to let terror have a place in the world. Governments across the world increased spending on defense and there was increased intelligence sharing on terrorism between governments. Civil rights groups sparked the Arab Spring, which substantially changed the political landscape of many Arab nations. I argue that any society or group of people has the power and effectiveness to influence the whole world.
The civil society is the non-state actors. Those groups, which influence the decisions of the government of the day behind the scenes, constitute the civil society. A terror organization like al-Qaeda is part of the civil society. In addition, the World Communist of the 20th Century, transnational corporations, and transnational financial elites are also part of the civil society. The decisions made by such groups shaped and continue shaping the world in its political and social setup. I argue that the influence on any political or social decision made by the government that is not from the state actors comes from the civil society.
The right world is one with a new, stable financial system. The Western-based financial system in its current form is a bubble that can burst anytime. I advocate a financial system that guarantees equal growth and development of all nations of the world. The new financial system should not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer the Questions One by One Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Answer the Questions One by One Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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