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Leadership "Persuade five or more people to do some note-worthy activity together for at least two hours that they would not otherwise do without your intervention" - Essay Example

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They are good at persuading people to collaborate in order to achieve common goals and put personal interests aside for the benefit of bigger purpose. Here self-awareness is…
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Leadership "Persuade five or more people to do some note-worthy activity together for at least two hours that they would not otherwise do without your intervention"
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Extract of sample "Leadership "Persuade five or more people to do some note-worthy activity together for at least two hours that they would not otherwise do without your intervention""

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, different external and internal factors call these challenges (Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership, n.d.). The external challenges can be one’s inability to take advantage of the opportunities and inability to resolve conflict situations connected with the lack of financing or the presence of interpersonal problems. The internal challenges can be lack of confidence, impatience or intolerance. Depending on the leadership style, according to Wall Street Journal (n.d.), those democratic, pacesetting, visionary or commanding styles influence leaders in their reaction on such challenges and decisions-making in a completely different manner.
Recently I got acquainted with the volunteers at the shelter for homeless people and they told me how great it would be if more people took cared of homeless and could contribute to the collecting of certain things for poor people or those disabled that have no possibility to leave their homes. For that reason, I have decided to organize an informal meeting of my friends, former colleagues, in order to help in the shelter and in particular to gather clothes and food for homeless and poor people.
Due to the inability to meet everyone personally and the busy way of life of each of the team member, I have arranged meeting with my friends for further discussion of the problem. We agreed to meet at the same café and I have prepared a short informative speech so everyone would know about the purpose of our further help. Sofia, John, Rachel and Lisa were my former colleagues with the experience of administrative work and dealing with many people, while Ana used to organize different corporate events. Therefore, their professional experience would help volunteering at shelter. However, the idea of helping to collect clothes and then deliver them to the shelter was not welcomed much. My idea of helping people inside shelter was also challenged. Sofia and Rachel were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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