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Career Immersion Day - Assignment Example

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Economic analysts' services are important for the success of any project. The most prominent employer in this area is BNY Mellon. The writer of the paper "Career Immersion Day" did online research concerning this company and in this paper shares several things related to the company…
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Career Immersion Day
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Extract of sample "Career Immersion Day"

Download file to see previous pages Economic analysts are hired by companies, organizations or even businesses for a specified length of time depending on the length of the assigned project. Their services are essential and important for the success of any project. The most prominent employer in this area is BNY Mellon. This is an exciting career as I will always remain updated on what is happening in the global market influenced by both the public and private sectors in the economy. Later in the future, I would love to establish my consultancy firm in this area in order to reach more clients in the global market.
Cover Letter
My grades at all levels are excellent, especially in mathematics and business. My transcripts in the university are also good. Since I have specialized in financial economics; I believe that I have acquired the best in terms of knowledge and skills from the University. The learning environment is very challenging also exposes me to different situations and challenges in my line of study. The course outline provided during every semester has always ensured that I have been able to cover what is expected of me. Through the different case studies and researches issued by my professors and instructors, I have been able to explore the real situations in the global market by analyzing them and drawing up the conclusion. When it comes to the financial markets, analyzing different stock portfolios is quite interesting and challenging in all aspects.
I believe that I also pose qualities that most employers are looking for. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Career Immersion Day Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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