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The company is a cost leader with a product lifecycle focus that is centered on high end, traditional and low-end segments. The implementation of this strategy has…
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Simulation Analysis Report
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Download file to see previous pages It is therefore true to say that the strategy adopted by the company was successful as it helped the company in achieving its operational and strategic goals.
The companys strategy has also been effective in the achievement of the operational and strategic goals of the company. The effectiveness of the company strategy can be evaluated using activity ratios. Judging from the activity ratios, it is clearly evident that the company has been effective in its operations. For example, the inventory turnover of 0.24 clearly shows that the company has been efficient in the management of its inventory as well as in the generation of sales from the inventory. However, a low ratio of accounts receivable turnover of 20.58 recorded by the company is an indication that the company has not been quite efficient in the collection of its receivables.
To improve its future operations, the company will have to change its strategy in order to improve on its marketing outcomes. That is, there is the need for improvements in the company’s operations and strategies. The company through its Board of Directors and management should improve its R&D outcomes in order to improve on its operations efficiency and profitability. This will include investing more in R&D in order to create new and innovative products in the High-End Segment (Capsim Manual). Highly innovative products will enable the company to remain a cost leader with a focus on the product life cycle. There is also the need for the company to change its strategy to a differentiator with product lifecycle focus. This strategy will enable the company to gain a high competitive advantage with innovative new products that have excellent design and easy accessibility. The new products will also keep pace with the market and will offer improved performance and design, which will earn the company increased sales, profitability and overall improvement of its marketing outcomes (Baum, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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