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Comparison between KFC (uk) and Nando's chickenland Ltd huddersfield - Essay Example

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Strategy is a word that is used frequently in the context of business and management. This word is used to imply how a company will be able to survive on the competitive market that is constantly…
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Comparison between KFC (uk) and Nandos chickenland Ltd huddersfield
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Extract of sample "Comparison between KFC (uk) and Nando's chickenland Ltd huddersfield"

Download file to see previous pages is the highest in the hierarchy and it is very important for a company to be consistent with its strategies so that it can have competitive advantage in the market.
Competitive advantage in a company grows when the company is able to provide its clients with quality products and services at the appropriate time and place. Nandos chicken land has used information technology for them to grow at the intended time and send new products and services. The supply system in Nandos chicken land has used information technology in maintaining competitive advantage. A product has competitive value when it provides more value to the users than a competitive product or services. This value can be in symbolic terms of attributor or both.
In the past century, Nandos chicken land has been using information technology for operational and management of the company. It is until recently that the company is using information technology to get significant competitive advantage (Khosrowpour, 2002, p. 15). For instance, it was the first to establish online order entry in restaurants and now they dominate the hotel delivering business. Nandos chicken land has set up ways to make reservations through a computer application, which has made it impossible for other companies to overcome them.
The importance of products and services offered through the computer by Nando’s chicken land system does not lie on how the information technology is sophisticated or the reports it delivers. But, they are established by examining how they play in the company’s need for competitive advantage (Khosrowpour, 2002, p. 35). These are known as strategic information systems that help in shaping and supporting the competitive advantage of the restaurant. They are plans that help in gaining and maintaining the competitive advantage.
KFC (UK) uses commercial advertisement in advertising their products. The commercial advertisement features a live band where the singer swallows fire. The company has a logo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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