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Management Info Systems Individual Work wk11 - Essay Example

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To achieve highest outcomes from the input is what we require today and for this right decision at the right time matters highly. As I…
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Management Info Systems Individual Work wk11
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Download file to see previous pages DSS are basically correlation or collaborative computerized systems with a motive to help the organization or companies use and arrange/organize large amount information in form of images or text files or any other format and communication techniques, data or statistics or different type of models to complete the process of decision making. Now by using DSS, this results in rapid decisions, more efficient and effective ones, makes more strong communication and interaction with in organization, satisfies and give more strong arguments and evidence to strengthen the decision and take less time with providing many different views to the case (Power 2015; Decision Support Systems 2015).
Whereas some consequences of DSS might be there like to much dependence or automated or computerized system , minimize the manual work that reduces the skills of workers and can easily make computer responsible for any mistake and no one on the responsibility. Various decision support systems include EISs, GSSs and GISs. Executive information system (EIS) is specially designed system to make decisions at executive levels. It makes easy way to for the organization to achieve their targets and make efficient decisions at executive level. It’s very hard to have an eye on every function or activity of your organization and on the other hand you cannot ignore it as well. So EIS supports you in this way to get information so you take the decision at CEO level and not only at top level but you can also get support from EIS at other management levels too. EIS helps to design and support the activities involved at senior level like goal marking, strategy making, make shift plans and crises management. EIS has some prominent advantages as it’s very easy for the top hierarchy as not a very professional computer skilled knowledge is required.Information and data is better and easy to understand.EIS makes quick decisions and helps the executives in efficient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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