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Preparing to Conduct Business Research - Essay Example

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Complexity of some business problems demands for the application of highly effective strategies, and may consume many resources, and a lot of time. The development of retail identity…
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Preparing to Conduct Business Research
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Download file to see previous pages Identity theft as Sennewald & Christman (2008) assert, occurs when an individual uses another individual’s information or personal details as his/her own in order to engage in fraudulent activities or other crimes. The growth of identity theft affects the retail world immensely.
The issue of retail identity theft can be solved through an exploratory research. The application of both qualitative and quantitative research designs would ascertain a highly credible, precise, and accurate research. The designs will explore the topic from different points of reference through the application of different methods. The application of a single research design, whether the qualitative research design or the quantitative design would lead to inefficiency in the determination of the seriousness of the issue, and the probable solution. On the one hand, using the quantitative research design will lead to a high degree accuracy in the quantification of retail identity theft. The research method will make it possible to collect measurable data, which through numerical comparisons, will be analysed and presented through easy to interpret methods. In addition, the application of the quantitative method will be of great importance in reporting the collected data since it applies standard statistical analyses, which are comprehensible and understandable (McLeod, 2008).
On the other hand, the incorporation of the qualitative method during the conduction of the research will enhance the effectiveness of the study through the improvement of the accuracy of the results. The qualitative research design will focus on the identification of the motives, the driving forces, and the triggers of the behaviour. In addition, the design will enhance the credibility of the research through the incorporation of a participant observation techniques, interviews with victims of identity theft, and reformed identity thieves among other methods. Through these methods, the research will possibly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preparing to Conduct Business Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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