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In the case of Fly Dubai which is facing competition from the following: Etihad, Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia, NAS in Saudia Arabia, and SAMA (Croft 2014, p. 45).
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Fly Dubai Fly Dubai Generic Strategies Generic strategies imply means by which a business will be competing with others like them. In the case of Fly Dubai which is facing competition from the following: Etihad, Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia, NAS in Saudia Arabia, and SAMA (Croft 2014, p. 45).
In order to combat the ever increasing competition emanating from airlines existent in the region, Fly Dubai had to come up with generic strategies that will enable it stay aloft amidst its competitors. One example of a strategy employed by the company is lowering its prices amidst providing quality services to the passengers. Fly Dubai aims at attracting more clients through the price reduction strategy while at the same time providing an improved quality service (Croft 2014, p. 62).
In addition, another generic strategy employed by the firm is the expansion of the Airline to various destination sites. Increase in destination sites implies increase of customers seeking their services. Fly Dubai have dedicated themselves in opening new flying destinations to various countries hence increasing on their income. Competitors who are slow in opening new destination places eventually become less sort after (Croft 2014, p.90).
Fly Dubai grand strategies
Fly Dubai has the grand strategy of becoming the best company in Dubai by offering services that are beyond the expectation of its customers (Croft 2014, p.78). Fly Dubai aims at achieving this through partnering up with companies and businesses that are in line with its grand strategy. The company aims at partnering up with major stakeholders that will help it accomplish the following in the near future: These include the creation of new taxiways plus runways in order to ease on congestion in and out of airports (Croft 2014, p.67). In addition, they opt to buy new aircrafts fitted with the latest technology, expand cargo facilities, purchase new ground equipment’s, train their staff, set up a new fire station to be responsible for emergencies, conduct regular maintenance checks on all place to ensure they are in good condition before flying to a given destination, and expand their catering services. Furthermore, they aim at relocating the general aviation to Dubai world Central. All these belong to their grand strategy of becoming the leading aviation industry in the world and in Dubai in particular (Croft 2014, p.45).
The grand strategy employed by Fly Dubai is expected to make it efficient and help it improve the number of clients using their services (Croft 2014, p. 34). In keeping up with technology and making the various expansions, the company will be able to accommodate more passengers, and offer quality services at the same time through keeping their staff up to date.
Croft, A. (2014). Airports, Cities and Regions. New York: Springer. Read More
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