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Business Ethics and Issues of Employment - Case Study Example

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The reporter states that ethics is a general term that describes the study of whatever is right and appropriate for humans. In business, ethics refers to all actions that take place in a business environment and how they impact on human value…
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Business Ethics and Issues of Employment
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical relativism designates the universal values that apply to everyone in every business across the world. Sometimes, that extent can be reduced to cultural relativism that seeks to cover the accepted values in a narrower scope, say, a company or a country in regards to the existing culture or traditions. Proponents of Ethical (cultural) relativism assert it demonstrates empirical evidence. Conversely, arguments against ethical relativism claim that it is difficult to find values and norms that govern all businesses universally.
Truth-telling refers to honest communication and poses the question as to whether anyone can defend their reason when not telling the truth in business. Advocates of truth-telling argue that all societies depend on reciprocal bonds of truthfulness to enforce their sustained relationships. Those against the being honest claim that it is common practice, and everyone should be aware of the game. They give examples such as the inflating claims used by advertising companies or contracts that have concealed fine print provided by employers and suppliers.
For 35 years, Ken worked for United Airlines as a pilot. Typically, he expected to receive his six-figure pension income from the company’s retirement trust. At his retirement, United Airlines had been experiencing a tumultuous financial period. However, the airlines maintained that that was not the case despite doubts about their financial position to cater to the company’s demands such as Ken’s approaching retirement plan. True to the growing fears, United funded Ken’s trust at about 50 percent of the expected amount. The reason provided for this was that the airlines troubled financially, had been allowed by federal rules to skip making cash contributions. The rules allowed United to seek a bankruptcy declaration, and this meant that they could only cater for about half of what Ken’s was to receive.
There are various ethical issues, in this case, chief among them being United’s lack of integrity. The company should have in advance disclosed to Ken about their state of bankruptcy and the financial troubles they were undergoing.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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