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Research paper about business problems - Assignment Example

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2) Cost Based Analysis is very important in decision making because it helps us in analyzing the future costs and the present situation based on which we can compare the rationales to come up with a suitable decision to be taken up. Based on this concept, I had faced a similar…
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Research paper about business problems
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Download file to see previous pages Now, in order to solve this problem, I thought, the decision matrix would be the best possible solution. The matrix has been based on the criteria such as quality, price and the time of delivery. The below plotted matrix will be decision based matrix and the further evaluation will follow the matrix.
Based on the decision matrix above, it is clear that Supplier 2 is the best from all the aspects and they are also meeting the two criteria of fast delivery and good quality. Based on this analysis, we decided to go ahead with Supplier 2 to get the best possible solution to our problem.
The first situation is the case of Kelloggs and General Mills. We need to comment on the revenues generated by the two companies in order to find out which one as an organization is a better performer.
The second situation is that where a healthcare organization which has its own medicines, needs to select on a supplier based on the quality, time of delivery and charges of the boxes that are required on an urgent basis.
As discussed above, the problem out here lies within the two organization. Kelloggs is a well known brand in the FMCG industry and General Mills is equally popular. Both of the firms have been in the industry for quite a long time, but we have to find out which of the two are performing better financially.
The second case is that a healthcare organization where I used to work previously. The organization is going through a crisis situation. They have their own medicines, but they do not have the boxes required to pack the medicines in order to sell it to the patients. In a such a situation, several suppliers have been approached and we have noted down the delivery details of each of the suppliers. Now the problem still remains as to which of, them should we choose for the delivery.
Since we need to find the financial performance of Kelloggs and General Mills, the best possible solution is to go through their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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