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Five Goals Expected to Learn From Business in Singapore - Essay Example

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The paper "Five Goals Expected to Learn From Business in Singapore " discusses that Singapore remains as the leading international financial center as wide ranges of financing options are being offered by the highly competitive Singapore’s financial sector…
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Five Goals Expected to Learn From Business in Singapore
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Download file to see previous pages It is planned to carry on research and form an understanding of how Singaporean culture relates to and how they do business. How Singapore do business with another country which does not agree with their beliefs? This research paper will try to analyze the Singapore Culture through the lens of Hofstede’s dimensions and evaluates the same with the American culture and to find out the main areas of issues for the business between Singapore and USA thereby offering a recommendation to fish out these differences to further enhance mutual business between these nations. (, 2014).
Singapore culture can be regarded as ‘pro-west’ in many manners and it more or less reflects the Anglo-culture. The traditional Singaporean culture encourages the work culture that is comprised of collective decision and group harmony and Western business people who visit Singapore would often face a vast variance and clearly visualize how collectivism still exists in a modern society (Wong, 2013, p.132).
In this section of the research paper, more emphasis will be given to what is Singapore’s impact on the business world internationally not just local or regionally? IFC and the World Bank rate Singapore as leading and number one nation as regards to ease of doing business and places Singapore is in the second place in the international level for the strength of investor’s protection. The port of Singapore remains as the globe’s busiest seaport and remains as the second top center for containerized transhipment traffic. Singapore remains as the globe’s 4th largest center for foreign exchange activities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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