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Working in business: Intrapersonal effectiveness - Essay Example

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Intrapersonal Effectiveness can be perceived as the understanding people acquire about themselves and recognizing their “strengths, weakness, style” that will enable them to improve their skills in time and stress management (De Janasz et al, 2006, p.3). On the other hand,…
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Working in business: Intrapersonal effectiveness
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Download file to see previous pages I have opted Jackson’s Hybrid Model as my learning style because it “predicts” both the functional as well as dysfunctional outcomes of sensation seeking “better than” other models (Jackson, 2009, p.78).
Jackson’s Hybrid Model is based on the “neuropsychology” of an individual’s personality and thus implying that learning style relies on the biological framework of the person (O’Connor & Jackson, 2007, p.117). Jackson, therefore, proposes that in every person there is an inherent element of sensation seeking or a natural desire to learn and individuals have two different types of learning such as “temperament” and “character” (p.117). Thus, Jackson proposes that traits of people such as emotional intelligence, ability to learn, conscientiousness, and orientation towards goals will augment the natural desire to learn and thus will determine the capability of a person to become a functional learner. Overall, if a person guides his natural instincts with positive aspects of character, functional effectiveness can easily be attained.
While sensation seeking is a natural manifestation of an individual’s biological traits, the other attributes can be developed if adequate attention is paid to areas that need improvement. In my case, sensation seeking demonstrates the highest score and thus it can be assumed that the natural flair for learning adequate in my case. On the other hand, goal orientation is a concern in view of the low score in this area, which needs improvement. Attainment of goal orientation requires motivation and an individual’s “academic performance” largely relies on the extent to which he or she achieves orientation towards goals (Splan et al, 2011, p31). In order to attain the required level of goal orientation, I need to feel motivated and work towards accomplishing the “performance goals” that I will set for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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