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Global car paper - Essay Example

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In this light, car, which is a luxury item basically, also finds itself an ultimate product of globalization. This means that the place where…
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Global car paper
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Download file to see previous pages imum to reduce costs, and thus, they resort to outsourcing of manufacturing of different components of the car to countries where they can find comparatively cheaper labor as opposed to domestic labor. This paper deals with the American Dodge Ram Pickup Truck and tries to find out where different components of the car are actually manufactured. The paper also discusses whether the car’s manufacturer follows a standardized approach or a customized one when producing the car.
The Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks provide a basic truck loved by most Americans, and these trucks are built keeping in mind the capability and durability factors that Americans value and honor. The pickup truck primarily falls under the Ram division of one of the internationally well-known car manufacturing companies, the Chrysler. The finesse the car represents along with its practicality and usability facilitates enough influence needed for customers to buy it. However, although most American cars cannot boast an ‘all-American-built’ label with their cars, the Dodge Ram Pickup can afford this tag, as “70%” of the car is built in North America itself (‘Global Car,’ 2010). A close inspection into the company and its manufacturing processes reveals how different parts of the car are actually manufactured in different parts of the world.
Therefore, it is rightfully asserted in the video that the Dodge Ram Pickup Truck is actually a “symbol of world economy,” as it shows how America is not independent of its manufacturing of the car and how different countries come together and forge a world economy whose ultimate product the car is (‘Global Car,’ 2010). This car, like every other car, basically has “750-900 parts,” most of which is built in America, but the rest is outsourced to Europe, and far east countries such as India and China etc (2010). The supply chain process involved in the manufacture of the pickup truck involves companies such as “Tyson Krupp, Berck” in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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