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Decision Support Paper - Case Study Example

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This report recommends the Board of Regents at Strutledge to progress with the development and formulation of an MBA curriculum and launch the program as a graduate degree in business for prospective students at the university.
Despite of the emergence of empirical assessments…
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Decision Support Paper
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Download file to see previous pages sector corporations postulate that organizations are expected to recruit more seasoned and professional managers in the coming decade or so (Schlegelmilch and Thomas, 2011).
Therefore, in terms of understanding cross-industry patterns and the changing dynamics of the business environment which have largely been prompted by globalization, business schools are advised to remain competent and reevaluate their perspectives regarding the potentially modified role of the MBA with respect to the new context rather than discarding the graduate degree or considering probable replacements for the same. As noted by Sclegelmilch and Thomas (2011), the demand for MBAs is expected to demonstrate its presence till an expected period of 2020 and possibly beyond this timeframe. Nonetheless, the integration of innovation is required as a part of restoring the contemporary MBA curriculum and model thereby, tailoring the degree to suit the requirements of drastically changing firms across the globe (Datar, Garvin and Cullen, 2011).
The Board of Regents is recommended to follow a comprehensive course of action plan to determine the current trends and patterns in cross-industry recruitment drives, potential training firms for graduates and the scope of career development in the post-graduation phase. The research conducted by Hussey (2012) asserts that increasing returns against an MBA degree can be derived by assessing the extent to which gained or accumulated skills are valuable to the market for labor or how these skills can be associated with the gaps in the market for labor.
The application of proposed quantitative analysis methodologies to draw objective, valid and representative conclusions is rooted in focusing upon empirical research and identifying separate trends with regard to each significant facet of consideration. Henceforth, this report proposes that the adoption of any suitable recommendation should be approved on the basis of evaluating student enrollment records ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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