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Why Abu Dhabi government band shisha from Coffee shops - Research Paper Example

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Shop owners of this business were to comply with the rule by the end January early 2014. The rule given by the government was an immediate closure or transferring the…
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Why Abu Dhabi government band shisha from Coffee shops
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Download file to see previous pages This was posing a great threat particularly to children who could openly see the awful act done publicly (Frank & Sloan 112).
The condition made government, which form part of the stakeholders, to push for a ban of shisha business. In their opinion, they argued that the business would merely increase the immorality despite of earnings it receives in form of revenue from the same (Richard, & Thomas 79). This came out despite an acclamation from one the stakeholders ‘I expect that we will make no more than Dh 100 a day, our business greatly depends on shisha.’
Government had justification in their opinion and stand on the ban of the business in Abu Dhabi. This was in the fight against various severe implications associated with conducting the business legally. Cases of children who could see people smoke publicly and try to enumerate the same declined (Sue Pryce 94). Therefore, banning the business particularly from areas with high populations and different forms of human activities became a step in achieving habitable environment for the entire community (George Fisher & Elmer Berry 134).
In the economy sector, there is improvement. This is from the fact of decline in the number of people reporting having shisha related complications. There is low expenditure of finances and other recourses used to curbing the menace. These resources go to profitably profitable and critical sectors that develop the economy. Additionally, human skills that were otherwise lost from deaths resulting from smoking shisha are no more there.
In my opinion in support for the ban, it is very evident that currently death rate resulting from smoking is becoming alarming. This is from the actual statistics and data from countries and regions that are facing this menace of shisha smoking. The deaths results from several chronic illnesses arising smoking even other substances like tobacco (Michael & Lyman 68). Research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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