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The main objective of organisation - Essay Example

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The main objective of organisation for most establishments is to facilitate effective and efficient administration. Organisation involves the process of…
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The main objective of organisation
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Download file to see previous pages Organisation has the objective of division of work and defining of roles. Work in an establishment is broken down into specific tasks. These tasks are then assigned to organisational units or individuals’ best suited to perform them. The methods of performing these tasks are specified. Employees are assigned specific duties or roles depending on qualifications. Organisation leads to specialisation and development of experts leading to increase in productivity. For example an analytical chemist is found in the quality control unit of the production department. The analytical chemist performs a role he is specialised in. A sales person cannot be expected to do the analytical chemist’s work.
Organisation brings about uniformity and control in the performance of duties. It is important for establishments or business to have a uniform way in which things are done in every department. These roles are usually determined during the development of the different departments in the establishment. Organisation makes it easier to establish control mechanisms against variations, errors, mistakes or deviations from norm that may have negative effects.
Organisation is used to facilitate coordination in an establishment. Coordination is important if the set goals are to be achieved. Coordination is the integration of the different departments of an establishment; it involves establishing relationships between and among these departments. The combined achievement through coordination is greater than individual achievement. Coordination minimises incidences of conflicts and rivalry among departments since the responsibilities of each department are clearly defined and how these departments relate to each other is also defined (Jost 30).
The other objective of organisation is to ensure effective resource alignment. Resource allocation among the department should be done in a manner that will produce the best results for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Main Objective of Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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